Farmhouse Blanket Storage Trunk

In a large family of six, I am always looking for ways to incorporate as many storage solutions into our home as possible. This farmhouse blanket storage trunk was the solution that I needed for storing our heirloom family quilts.

How to Store Blankets without a Closet

Farmhouse Blanket Storage for the Living Room

My husband, Timothy and I, recently spent a rainy day strolling through some local antique shops. I came home empty handed but I kept thinking about this rustic red trunk that I had seen in one of the booths.

So, the next day I sent my daughter back to the antique shop to pick up the trunk. I knew that it would be the perfect farmhouse piece for our living room to store blankets in.

I am generally very conscious about the amount of things that we keep as a family. Generally, once every few months, we go through drawers and closets to donate or sell things we no longer need. When I shop for furniture pieces, I like pieces that can function in multiple ways. This trunk offers not only storage, but it also doubles as a coffee table.

Living Room Blanket Storage

Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Storage Trunk

The trunk had a great rustic farmhouse feel, but red was the wrong color for our home. To give the trunk a makeover I used my favorite chalk paint, called Toasted Poppyseed. Then, I used a Matte Polycrylic to protect the chalk paint finish.

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Living Room Blanket Storage

As a family we are blessed to have several quilters in our family. So while we have several throw blankets to cozy up with on the couch, I needed a storage solution for our heirloom quilts.

Both of the quilts shown in the photo below were made by grandmother and her sister as wedding presents for my husband and I. Those quilts are now 20 years old and both my grandmother and her sister have passed. The quilts are hand stitched and mean so much to me.

The rest of the trunk is filled with hand made quilts that belong to each of our children. They received handmade quilts as baby gifts and my mother has also made them quilts.

Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Storage for Small Spaces
Small Space Storage Solution for Blankets and Quilts

Small Space Storage for Quilts

In our home, storage is limited. Therefore, I have to be creative when it comes to storing items that we may not often use but they are precious heirlooms for our family.

This farmhouse blanket storage trunk is just what we needed to store all of our blankets. Since it doubles as a coffee table, many times the children will set the centerpiece aside and play board games on the top. I love that this piece not only fits the style of our home but that it also serves dual purposes.

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room 
Coffee Table that Serves as Storage for Blankets and Quilts
Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Blanket Trunk Solutions for Hidden Storage

How do you store blankets and quilts? Do you have a designated space? What other kinds of furniture pieces do you use in your home that offers storage space? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Storage Trunk
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11 thoughts on “Farmhouse Blanket Storage Trunk”

  1. Like you, I store all our special blankets (an afghan that my husband’s Situ (grandma) made and a beautiful cream colored one that his great aunt crocheted us as a wedding gift), as well as all our children’s baby blankets, in a cedar chest that I found in the back of my grandmother’s closet, more than 30 years ago. I keep it in our guest room and put a covering on it when we have overnight company to use as a luggage stand. All the special people and memories in one place!

  2. Sarah my mama, grandmother and great grandmother were all quilters and I have quilts in my home belonging to all three of them. Quilting is an art form in my family so they are well cared for and displayed. I am going to tell you something quite personal and special to me. 6 1/2 years ago I lost my mama and it was exactly devastating . I am an only child so all aspects of the funeral arrangements fell on me. It was just after Christmas, the first week of January. Christmas was my mama’s favorite time of year. My favorite quilt she every made me is a red and white Bear Paw one. I draped that quilt over her casket and Instead of the large (usually ) floral arrangement, I chose to have evergreens instead, all of the evergreens you would use in a Christmas wreath. Given the time of year it seem quite fitting. She would have loved it 🙂

    • Oh my goodness! This is such a sweet special memory. Thank you for sharing that with me. I am glad that you have those quilts to treasure!

  3. I, too, have some heirloom quilts that I keep in my grandmother’s cedar chest. I’m planning to use the cedar chest as my coffee table in the house we are currently re-doing. Love your house and your stories!

  4. So happy to have found your blog. I love what you did with this beautiful trunk. We have family quilts as well and I never thought to store them in a trunk. Such a fun idea!

  5. Your house is absolutely beautiful. It almost looks identical to our mobile home. Was wondering if you could tell me the make and model if you didn’t mind. Thanks so much!!


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