Rustic Nature Fall Mantel

With gathered pieces from our home and nature, see how this rustic nature fall mantel made our home ready for Fall.

Rustic Nature Fall Mantel
How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

Rustic Farmhouse Fall Mantel

This rustic faux mantel was built earlier this year to fill an empty void on our long dining room wall. Now that Fall is almost here, I wanted the mantel to be decorated in a simple style that our family would love. Since our family loves nature, I decided to go with the theme of what we might find on a nature walk in the Fall.

If you keep up with my decorating style then you probably know that I almost always keep things very simple. I guess you could say I am simple minded. However, I love earthy tones and generally take my decorating cues from Mother Nature.

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Rustic Neutral Fall Farmhouse Mantel

The goal in putting this rustic nature inspired fall mantel together was to use what was already in our home. Or, what I could find in nature. I also had a goal of spending little to no money. I am all about saving money and finding ways to decorate our home on a very little budget. I also always love to try to encourage and show others how this can be accomplished.

Neutral colors was also an important element in decorating our home for Fall. In our home, neutral colors feel the most calming. Therefore, I stuck with a neutral fall color palette of whites, creams, brown and black.

To begin decorating the mantel, I started by looking throughout our home for pieces that I could use. The feathers were gathered from a collection that the boys keep in their room. The nest was a find on the ground, and the antlers are ones that I have had for several years. Then, the children and I drove some back roads to find the wild grass that is in the tall black container.

Next, I gathered a variety of vintage mirrors and frames from around our home. Then, I decided to make my very own fall art by reusing the frames to display the feathers and arrowheads.

Rustic Fall Mantel

Rustic Mantel Video

Farmhouse Rustic Fall Decorating

DIY Framed Feathers and Arrowheads

Frames are generally extremely cheap to pick up at local vintage sales. I already had these and decided that they would be great to use for the rustic nature mantel.

In one of the frames, I placed three feathers on the glass and then used brown craft paper as the backing behind the feathers. The feathers are from a collection that my boys have. My boys have a wide variety of feathers that they have gathered when we go on nature walks. They love collecting them and have them displayed in a jar in their room.

In the other frame, I placed three arrowheads that my grandfather has found throughout many years. My grandfather kept very detailed records of where he found each arrowhead. He would write the location description, and the date of when he found each one. Not only are the arrowheads a unique decoration but they are also treasured pieces for our home.

With using vintage frames and nature pieces, I was able to create instant Fall art. There are a wide variety of other nature elements that could also be framed. Some options would be dried fall colored leaves and even dried flowers.

The white storage chest is an IKEA Moppe unit that I recently made over. You can find that post here. I use it to store a lot of school supplies, phone charges and other misc things. It is the perfect solution for small space organization and therefore, I can leave it out to decorate around as well.

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Rustic Fall Mantel

Simple Mantel Decorations for Fall

This rustic nature inspired fall mantel came together just as I had imagined. It is simple, natural and therefore, really shows the love that my family has for nature. The idea of grabbing a hat and going out for a walk in the woods completely inspired the look that I wanted.

Even better, was that I was able to pull it together without spending any money. There is a wide variety of nature inspired elements that can be used for fall decorating. Many times it is all about bringing the outside, inside. Think about using acorns, dried wheat sprigs, branches, dried sunflowers, feathers and even bird nests.

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Have you started decorating for Fall? Do you decorate in a traditional way, farmhouse or a more rustic style? I would love to read your comments!

Fall Farmhouse Decor
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20 thoughts on “Rustic Nature Fall Mantel”

  1. I think you’ve done a beautiful job with your mantle decor. Maybe especially because I have used every one of those elements with the exception of the arrowheads, plus some others. I’m a serious rock collector, flower drier and presser, horse hair weaver, horseshoe decorator. Like your boys,
    I have quite a collection of found feathers, but I’ve never framed any. Given that I just won a large box lot of antique frames at an auction, I will absolutely be doing that soon!

    Shelley, NE lower MI

  2. I love this! I think using things from nature is an excellent idea. While it is fun to spend money I personally have chosen to try to limit my spending. It is so easy to get caught up in the latest trends and a year from now those things are outdated. I love using the resources we have around us and what better place to start than from nature. Simply beautiful!

  3. You have a gift for translating the beauty of the natural world to the inside your home.
    Beautifully done and it invokes such a wonderful connection to nature!
    When I find fallen or abandoned bird nests, even if they look bug-free, I generally put them inside a large Ziploc freezer bag and pop into the chest freezer for a couple of weeks or so. I have a chest freezer that I set colder than the refrigerator freezer, and never have had a problem with uninvited/unwanted bugs surviving in something I want to save from outside.
    Love your heartfelt love and appreciation for the simple beauty of the natural world!
    Nature is anything but simple… and you, my dear, are not simple minded in the least. 🙂


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