Early Summer Raised Garden Bed Tour

Come stroll through my early summer raised garden bed tour. My dream garden on a budget is in the early stages of being created. Simple raised garden beds, filled with vegetables, perennials, herbs and cut flowers, this is a look at what I am growing this year. Early Summer Raised Garden Bed Tour – June In 2018, …

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Creating a Beautiful Vegetable Garden

Tips and ideas on creating a beautiful vegetable garden on a budget. Learn how to make your garden pretty with simple, small, backyard layout. Build a budget friendly fence, add vegetables, perennials and herbs.

How to Start Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

How to Plan a Garden

This guide, vegetable gardening for beginners, will help you learn how to start a garden from scratch. In this post, I’ll cover some of the the basics of gardening. From the layout, to the types of beds and provide more in depth links to posts you can read. It can feel daunting knowing where to start, but …

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