Double Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

Welcome to the first glimpses of our double wide manufactured home farmhouse kitchen cabinet remodel on a budget.

Here is a look at our affordable before and after makeover.

This post is in collaboration with Lily Ann Cabinets. All opinions are mine.

White Shaker Style Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

We started our full mobile home kitchen cabinet remodel in February of this year.

I have shared the double-wide kitchen remodel plan, the process of gutting our double-wide kitchen, and most recently our, new windows.

Our kitchen remodel is far from finished. However, I am excited to share the White Shaker Elite kitchen cabinets we have chosen.

The Double Wide Kitchen Layout

For our manufactured home kitchen cabinet remodel on a budget, my husband and I chose to switch the layout of the original plan.

I had a couple of reasons for wanting to do this. One of the main reasons was to put our stove and refrigerator on the same wall.

Personally, I like to have the stove and refrigerator next to each other.

This makes the kitchen flow work better for me as I cook and bake.

The original layout, as seen below, left very little space to prepare meals.

Before Photos of Mobile Home Kitchen

The photo below shows the same wall as above. But, with more windows and more counter space.

Quite a difference, right? I now have a lot more area to prepare meals and the sink is close by for all the dirty dishes to be placed in.

Adding more windows, and removing all upper cabinets, made this space feel much larger and more open.

Before and After Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

The photo of the wall below shows how the refrigerator used to be by the door leading into the laundry area.

First, we moved the refrigerator all the way to the left. My husband redid the wiring for the electric stove and moved the stove to this wall.

Mobile Home Kitchen Renovation Ideas and Plan
Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Stove and Refrigerator Placement

The stove and refrigerator are now separated by an 18″ drawer base cabinet.

I love the use of the drawers on either side of the stove.

There is storage for potholders, utensils, pots, and lids.

On this wall, we will be building another cabinet to go above the fridge and installing a piece between the fridge and cabinets.

My husband installed the Vintage Glass Wall Sconces, and I built the two small shelves.

In the future, we will be adding a DIY stove vent hood in the near future.

Farmhouse kitchen remodel on a budget

New Double Wide Manufactured Home Kitchen Cabinets

Our new kitchen cabinets are from Lily Ann Cabinets.

To start the design process, I sent over measurements of my kitchen to have a free 3D design plan drawn up of our layout.

Within a short period of time, I was emailed the plan.

There were several changes that I ended up making, but I had wonderful customer service.

My designer was always willing to work to make my vision come to reality.

There are a few details I love about what Lily Ann Cabinets has to offer.

  • The cabinetry is built from furniture/cabinet grade A plywood. The cabinet face frames and doors are either maple or birch. The painted doors are fully engineered. No particleboard or cheap fillers are used in our cabinets.
  • They offer a free professional design service.
  • They offer free ¼ cabinet door samples and full cabinet door samples at no cost.
  • Customer service is wonderful. Almost all of my emails were answered on the same day I sent them.
DIY Shaker Style Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets
White Shaker Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

RTA Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget | Ready to Assemble

All of our cabinets came as RTA.

Ready to assemble cabinets are new cabinets, individually packaged, ready for easy assembly on site.

Instructions were included with some of the boxes. However, we found a lot of the assembly videos online helpful.

The cabinets do not come with hardware for the drawer fronts.

We had the choice of getting hardware from Lily Ann or purchasing our own. I chose to purchase my own.

My husband has started installing the hardware I have chosen, which is a simple Shaker style round wooden knob.

Farmhouse Shaker Style

White Shaker Cabinets by Lily Ann Cabinets

Our cabinets are the White Shaker Elite style.

I really wanted a simple shaker style cabinet; these were exactly what I was looking for.

All of our base cabinets, except the sink base, are drawer base cabinets.

I can’t tell you how much I love all of the drawers.

They all pull out, with a lot of storage space.

I am not digging through cabinets trying to find what I need anymore and all things are easy to find.

I chose to have one wall cabinet added to the kitchen design.

Where the wall cabinet sits, the original plan was to have a pantry placed in that location.

The pantry ended up being too tall, and I ended up choosing a wall cabinet.

New Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets
White Farmhouse Shaker Cabinets

Our Home Kitchen Paint Colors

I have been using Sherwin Williams Snowbound on all of my shiplap walls for quite some time.

It is my favorite white color of all the ones I have used in our home.

I find that Snowbound is a brighter white with a greige undertone.

For our trim, I used Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams.

Accessible Beige really isn’t a beige; it is more greige.

For the black in our home, I have used Tricorn Black, also by Sherwin Williams.

I really wanted to keep our paint colors light and neutral.

I wanted a noticeable difference between the wall color and trim color and these two colors pair together perfectly.

Shaker Kitchen Style Farmhouse Paint Colors

Kitchen Sources

In a future post, I will go more in-depth about our kitchen sources. Here are a few sources for those interested.

Farmhouse Style Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinet Remodel on a Budget

The kitchen remodel will take time. We are working on a cash-only budget, as time and money allow.

The only part of the kitchen process that we had someone else do was the window installation. Our list of things to complete includes,

The transformation has already been drastic, and I am anxious to see it all completed.

I know that this could take a few more months, so, in the meantime, I am enjoying what has been completed.

Our next project will be the laundry room/pantry area and we are looking forward to having one of their designers work their magic for that space as well.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by today!

Thank you for sharing!

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    • The only wall that we removed was the marriage wall. If you search marriage wall in the blog, you will see it.

      • Hi,
        We have a partial wall between kitchen and living room. You walk around both sides, is it safe to remove or would it be considered load bearing?
        Thanks for any experience you have had with that!!

        • I imagine it is load bearing but I don’t know for sure. You would need to contact someone who does construction that would know.

  1. I find it so refreshing to follow a couple who are remodeling and making things work the way most of us have to. The pretty, flashy, and wealthy homes are fun to look at, but I can’t relate to their ability to buy whatever they want. You bring life to the real level where most of us live, giving hope that we too, can make beautiful changes to our homes and lives on a cash only, pay as you go, basis. Thank you for being real and transparent. You are most inspiring!!!

    • Thank you for this sweet comment. I too, often look at grand homes and it feels out of touch with my reality. To be able to stay at home with our children, our budget is very small. I won’t have the grandest of everything in my kitchen remodel, nor do I want that. I hope others can relate to our lifestyle and realize that a kitchen remodel can be done for way less than what many realize. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

  2. I love your kitchen, it’s not so big that you will tire yourself out just preparing a meal. It has a great layout and roomy enough for help. I know you will enjoy it for years to come. You have a lo

  3. What you and your family have done so far is beautiful. I love DIY also. Me and my hubby saved a lot by doing it ourselves back in the day. I am loving watching your progress.

  4. Hi Sarah! I love reading your blog and IG daily! You are such an inspiration to me. Whenever I feel like our reno is taking forever, I stop and remember how far we’ve come since we started. We are on a cash only budget too. I’m digging your DIY shelf! I haven’t found a tutorial for it though. Will you be doing one soon?

  5. I love everything you’ve been doing with your Home. I want to do the shiplap in our home also. In your latest newsletter you mentioned you are putting in wood counter tops . Please post photos when you’re done. That’s exactly what I want in my kitchen. I have wood cabinets in my kitchen and I’m planning on painting them soon and I think the wood counters will give it that French Country Look I’m striving for. I really enjoy your Blog and do a lot of the same things on our small 2 acre farm. We call our farm Hummingbird Hill . We live in Southwest Missouri below Joplin. I also Homeschooled my 2 daughter’s that are grown now.
    Please keep Blogging . Is there anyway to share photos ?
    God Bless and keep well !

    Margie ?

    • Margie, thank you! Yes, I will be sharing the process of our countertops. You can share photos by sharing the blog post to another social media platform, like Facebook. I have buttons at the bottom of each post that you can click in order to share. Thank you for following along!

  6. Hi. I had the same (former) layout as you but closed up the laundryroom entrance, put in a corner cabinet with pullout lazysusan and placed the stove where yours is now. Moved the refrigerator between the kitchen and dining room (took out the divider wall – where your peninsula was). Seeing yours, I wish we would have done what you did. It is beautiful!

  7. Wow. Just wow! We are in the middle of a complete remodel on our double wide and just love your ideas. Currently doing the kitchen so this was very relevant. Great job!!

  8. Hi,
    Just discovered your blog. Very inspiring. Great styling and photography. I was a set designer and stylist…
    Why did you change out your Shaker shelf next to the sink and the white shelf brackets to the black metal? Both of them look good. I especially loved the Shaker peg shelf.
    Thank you!
    Have Happy Holidays and a Peaceful, Healthy New Year to you and your family!

  9. Hey there,
    I love all of your DIY improvements. Your house is beautiful. We just inherited a farm and an older mobile home much like this one. In fact, the layout is almost identical. My husband and I are trying to figure out our budget, do you mind sharing what it took for you guys to renovate ?


    • We have done our remodeling as time and cash has allowed. It is really hard to say exactly what we have spent on the remodel. I also know that prices are higher now for lumber. Our kitchen was roughly around $6,000 and that was for the complete gut job and everything that we have done. We do a lot of the work ourselves and that saves a lot of money.

  10. Hi!

    It looks like we have almost the exact same setup in our kitchen. Have you finished the laundry/pantry room yet? I’m asking because I’m finding it difficult to have the pantry technically in another room? That doesn’t seem like easy access, so a visual from your inspiration would be wonderful. Thanks for the ideas!

  11. Looks nice! But I noticed, no dishwasher?!
    Will there be an island for sitting or food prep? I love the colors you chose and the shiplap is a really nice touch.

    • Hello! We do not have a dishwasher and in fact, I wrote a post all about that. We do have a large kitchen island that I built and I also shared that here on the blog.

  12. Love your beautiful kitchen, it really turned out nice. My favorite part is your kitchen windows, I would love to have those for our backyard view, we live on 9 acres in southern Colorado, and only have one small window behind the sink. We too, have a double wide, and I’ve been following you for quite awhile. My husband is remodeling our two extra bedrooms and bath into one large bedroom and bath for my mother to move in. Wow, it seems like everything is different in a mobile home! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish next, enjoy reading about your trials and errors and everyday household tips. God Bless you and your family!

  13. Your journey pops up often in my “want” lists. We just purchased and placed a 1980 double wide that we intend to completely gut and remodel. Luckily for us, the wall between the kitchen and living area is open at the top so it is not load barring. At the moment it is a narrow galley but the plan is to make it L shaped with an island. Your transformation is beautiful and inspiring.

  14. Wow! This is a beautiful makeover! I can’t believe how much better the home looks. We are currently renovating our home built in 1984. The kitchen is next as soon as our dumpster comes! Thanks for your inspirational post!


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