Parts of a Langstroth Beehive Structure

Hive of Langstroth

For a basic hive, the parts of a Langstroth beehive structure include a hive stand, bottom board, entrance reducer, hive body, honey super, foundation, frames, inner cover, and an outer hive cover. If beekeeping is one of those things, you have always wanted to do, start by reading the first post in this series, Backyard Beekeeping for …

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Early Summer Raised Garden Bed Tour

Come stroll through my early summer raised garden bed tour. My dream garden on a budget is in the early stages of being created. Simple raised garden beds, filled with vegetables, perennials, herbs and cut flowers, this is a look at what I am growing this year. Early Summer Raised Garden Bed Tour – June In 2018, …

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Dairy Goats on the Homestead

Here at Rocky Hedge Farm, we are excited to finally be adding dairy goats to our homestead. We are starting with Alpines for the purpose of having milking dairy goats. Homestead Dairy Goats We purchased our small piece of land back in 2017. With a vision and a dream to clear the land, move our home, and …

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Common Backyard Beekeeping Terms

Honeybee Larva

There is a lot of terminology in the honey bee world, here is a list of the most common backyard beekeeping terms for a beginner beekeeper to know. Backyard Beginner Beekeeping In my first part of this series, Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners, I shared some important things to think about before beginning the journey into keeping bees. …

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