Chocolate Chip Espresso Cookies Recipe

The best chewy chocolate chip espresso cookies recipe made from scratch with only brown sugar. Coffee and chocolate chip cookies are the perfect marriage of two amazing flavors. This is a chocolate coffee lovers dream cookie! Nice and chewy but with a little crunch on the rim of the cookie. Baking is one of my greatest joys …

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Artisan Honey Sourdough Bread Recipe

sourdough artisan bread

How to make the best no knead, artisan honey sourdough bread recipe using homemade sourdough starter. Simple, delicious baked bread with no kneading, made in the evening and baked the next morning. While making sourdough bread requires patience and dedication, it has become a favorite passion of mine. I created a homemade sourdough starter several years ago and bake …

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Churning Homemade Butter From Scratch

how to make homemade butter

How to start churning homemade butter from scratch at home with cream from raw milk. This is an old fashioned way to churn your own butter and make your own buttermilk! Butter is an essential in our kitchen and we use several pounds a week with amount of baking and cooking that we do. It goes with …

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Over Easy Eggs in a Cast Iron Skillet

the perfect over easy egg

Step by step, learn how to fry the perfect over easy eggs in a cast iron skillet. Fried in a hot skillet with a layer of butter, this is the best way to eat a fried egg. Cooking fried eggs in a cast iron skillet, especially over easy, may seem impossible. The egg can stick, or the …

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