My name is Sarah and I live in a very small rural town in Missouri. In 1999, I married my husband and together we have four children.

In 2013, we purchased a 2002 Clayton doublewide mobile home that was in foreclosure. When we did our first walk-through, we realized that we had a lot of work ahead of us to remodel our home. With a cash-only budget and a vision in my head, we have set out to remodel our home into the simple farmhouse style that we love.

For me, happiness comes in the form of spending time with my family and gathering around the table to enjoy home-cooked meals with from-scratch recipes. I enjoy homemaking, washing dishes by hand, and hanging laundry on the line to dry.

We are homesteaders in the beginning stages. Creating a beautiful vegetable garden, working in the flowers garden, having goats, a calf, and beekeeping are all a part of our current process. And, I am here to share that journey with you.

I hope this space encourages you to find joy in the old-fashioned simple way of living.