Double Wide Manufactured Home Kitchen Remodel – New Windows

The latest update on our double wide manufactured home kitchen remodel, we have new windows! A look at the process on how to remove, install and adding a window to a mobile home.

We do a lot of DIY remodeling around our home. However, when it comes to projects like windows and doors, we get a home building contractor to do the work. We use Lenhart Construction, LLC from Monett, MO who has proven to be top notch in their field of work. They are the same company that we trusted to remove the marriage wall in our home, and replaced it with a large beam.

Adding Kitchen Windows to a Mobile Home

Adding New Kitchen Windows to a Double Wide Manufactured Home

Replacing all of the windows in our double wide mobile home has been such a wise investment. The original windows in our 2002 Clayton were in bad shape due to the neglect of previous tenants.

Several years ago when the exterior of our double wide mobile home got a makeover, we replaced all of the original windows. This was a wise investment because not only did it update the look of our home, it saved us money on our electric bill.

Now that we are doing a full kitchen remodel, I have decided to add more windows to the kitchen to allow more light into our space. I thrive on bright and airy spaces. Adding two more windows in the kitchen, adds more light and opens up more of the beautiful view from our backyard.

How to Install Kitchen Windows in a Mobile Home

Can I Use Regular Windows in a Mobile Home Remodel

Most mobile home windows are not the standard off the shelf sizes that you can find at a local home store. Therefore, the choice to replace windows left us with two options.

The first option was to order custom size windows to fit what was already in place. The second choice was to cut the holes larger to fit off the shelf window sizes.

For our home, we chose to have custom windows made by a local Amish business in our community. Ours were made by Countryside Windows in Stotts City, MO. We have purchased from them before and have received high quality workmanship.

Video –

Manufactured Home New Kitchen Window Replacement

For our home we chose to use double-hung, vinyl windows in a custom size that fit the space we were working with. Vinyl is an affordable, long lasting choice that comes in a variety of colors, but we chose to white.

Double-hung windows are the easiest to clean. Both the top and bottom open, with the windows tilting in. This makes cleaning them extremely easy. It also allows more air flow into our home during the season when we can have the windows open.

Double Wide Mobile Home Window Replacement

Double Wide Mobile Home With Lots of Windows

As I mentioned before, I love a lot of windows in a home. Our original kitchen layout had one small window over the sink with cabinets on either side.

So, when I had our 3D kitchen layout planned by Lily Ann Cabinets, I requested that they add two more windows. I knew immediately upon seeing the sketch that this was must have in our kitchen remodel.

Now that they are installed, the amount of light that now floods our kitchen is beautiful and the space feels much larger.

How to Remove Windows in a Double Wide Mobile Home

When our contractor arrived, the first thing they did was look at the blueprint sketch that we had. Then, they did some measuring, and asked question about how we wanted the windows installed.

I am fairly particular about details, especially when it comes to making sure that the kitchen sink is centered below the main window. So, these guys were great to ask questions and be sure that everything was just the way it should be.

Since we didn’t actually do the work, I am unable to give exact details on how they guys completely removed the window. I do know that to remove the window that was already installed, the guys started by removing the vinyl on the outside of the home.

They then had to cut the caulk around the inside of the window and unscrew it from the outside to pull it out. Once they had the window out, they started preparing to install all three correctly.

Double Wide Mobile Home Windows

How do you Install New Windows in a Manufactured Home Kitchen

The main kitchen window measures 36×36 and this is the one that was already in place. The two smaller windows measure 27×36. To install the new ones, the guys had to rearrange some of the wall studs to cut and create the new space for the new windows.

This included not only rearranging some of the wall studs but also creating more support to hold the windows. Watching the video will give you more of an idea on how they did this process.

Once the windows were in place, the guys made sure that they would open and close correctly. Once the contractors left, I was able to install the shiplap on the wall and add the simple farmhouse style window trim.

Double Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Adding Windows

Replacing Mobile Home Windows with Regular Ones

I am so thankful that we made the choice to replace all the windows in our home with double hung, vinyl windows. I am even more thankful that we have added more windows creating more light in our home. Our kitchen feels much more open and even larger now with the amount of light that we have pouring in.

In our kitchen remodel, new windows seems to be one of the best design choices we could have made for our home. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. Including cabinet installation, lighting, hanging more shiplap, painting, hardware, shelves and organization of the drawers.

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Double wide mobile home kitchen remodel

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  1. Love the new windows! I would really like to enlarge our “view” someday, too, especially in the kitchen. Nice!

  2. This is so interesting! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been following along for quite a while now and am so happy for your move to the farm land. Your barn is so beautiful and I love the story on your recent Instagram post about providing hospitality to some children. Yes, share your house even if it’s not in perfect condition, or your think it’s too small. People want to have that connection with other people and be loved on!!!

  3. We women spend a lot of time at the sink and these windows will bring you so much joy. I love all the light from your windows. Here in Oklahoma we are getting a lot of sunshine lately and i love watching the birds outside my kitchen window.

    • Yes, I think that is why this was such an important feature for our home remodel. I hand wash a lot of dishes and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I plan to have my garden in this space and hope to attract a lot of birds.

  4. I love your kitchen colors! So much so I’m going to copy! My question to you is. Is your crown molding or base boards going to be accessible beige or Snowbound. Love following you on your journey!


    • My molding and baseboards will also be the Accessible Beige. Thank you for following and loving the colors. They are beautiful together.

  5. Hi there! Im looking into getting a mobile home for my parents who are on limited income and remodeling it for them. We found one that was built in 1985 and has vinyl walls and single pane windows. We were wondering if you decided to put up drywall or if you are able to reface the vinyl walls so that it can be more economical. We are in CA so everything here is more expensive than anywhere else so every bit counts!
    thanks so much!


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