Removing the Marriage Wall in our Mobile Home

Removing the marriage wall in our mobile home was one of the best design choices that we have made for our home. The marriage wall in a manufactured mobile home is a structural load bearing wall. Removing the the wall between our kitchen and living room created an open layout for our double wide home.

The marriage wall is two walls joined together and is thicker than most interior walls. Since this is a load bearing wall, we called in contractors to handle the process of removing the marriage wall and installing the large beams.

Marriage Wall Removal in a Double Wide Mobile Home

Removing Structural Walls in a Modular Home

After recently moving our double wide mobile home to the farm, we have been busy getting some of the to-do items checked off our list. Up first, we put the skirting and siding back on after the move. Then, I finished up a shiplap wall in our hallway.

Next, we had a contractor come in to look at removing the marriage wall in our home. This has been on list for quite some time and I am so grateful that the wall has finally come down.

This is not a do it yourself project that I would recommend anyone taking on unless you are knowledgeable on load bearing wall structures within a modular home. There are many factors that go into removing the wall, and then being sure that the correct structure is in place to support the home.

Mobile Home Marriage Wall Removal
Marriage Wall Removal

Removing the Load Bearing Marriage Wall | Mobile Home

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What is a Marriage Wall?

The marriage wall in our home was between the kitchen/dining room and living room. This is where the home comes together, and the wall is considered a load bearing wall, supporting the roof in this area of our home.

To remove the wall, and not add a dropped header would compromise our roof structure. The only way to remove the wall, was to have professionals come in and do the work correctly.

I am sharing a lot of photos from the day and a short video sharing the process. However, I will not go into any of the details because of all the various aspects of having this done.

Each home is different on load bearing walls. The best thing you can do is contact a professional to look at the situation. A post called, Removing Walls in a Mobile Home, is also a great read with more information.

Removing Walls in a Mobile Home
Marriage Wall Removal in a Mobile Home
Removing the Marriage Wall in a Double Wide Mobile Home

Now that the wall is gone, the living space is more open. We already installed hardwood floors and will need to do some repair. Those repairs will be to fix the section of missing boards.

To see how we put our hardwood floors in read the post, Installing Hardwood Floors in a Mobile Home. To see how we achieved the rustic look on hardwoods read, Rustic Black Painted Hardwood Floors.

Mobile Home Marriage Wall Removal
Removing the Walls in a Mobile Home
Mobile Home Wall Removal

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Removing a Structural Marriage Wall | Before & After

Below are photos showing the difference now that the short marriage wall has been removed from between the two rooms. Now that this is a completed project, the plan is to finish the living room.

Those plans include new lighting, covering the ceiling, adding trim, painting the front door and redoing the fireplace area. It is quite incredible to see just how far this space has come since we purchased the home. To see more of the before photos read, Living Room Progress.

Removing Walls in a Mobile Home

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16 thoughts on “Removing the Marriage Wall in our Mobile Home”

  1. Love your style and the changes you and your family are making to your home!
    I lived most of my childhood in a mobile home so I totally can appreciate what opening up the two rooms will feel like.

  2. We took out a similar wall between our kitchen and dining/living and a free standing closet in our entry last last November. After 25 years in our house I have never loved it more! Still a work in progress but, like you, we enjoy it even in process. Thanks for inspiring us all!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your work – your home is beautiful and just what I am hoping to do. Really appreciate seeing this marriage wall removal – it can happen!
    warm wishes for continued happy living!

    • Yes, it can be done. Not a project I would do without a professional, but it made such a huge difference!

  4. Hi! It looks like our homes have just about the same layout! I was wondering where you put your tv? That’s something I’m stuck on with such an open floor plan. A video overview of your home would be amazingly helpful! Absolutely beautiful work you’ve done!

    • If you go to one of my current posts, the one where I build our kitchen island, I take several of those photos looking from the living room into the kitchen.

  5. Hello how is everybody doing? I was wondering how much did they charge you for removing this load bearing for marriage wall?

    • That is going to vary from contractor to contractor. It’s best to get multiple quotes and check references.

    • We used 3/4 inch white oak hardwood flooring. I painted them black and then sanded them back down to create the look they have now.

  6. I love this idea! We have been trying to figure out how to redo our mobile home to fit all the grandbabies for Christmas! I showed this to my son-in-law, who’s helping us redo it, and we’re getting our dumpster rental tomorrow to start tearing things out. Thank you so much for sharing; I might just borrow the shiplap idea too!!!


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