Benefits of a Prefabricated Home

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If you have thought about a new home, then you may have considered your options such as buying a home already on the market or building a site-built (stick-built) home. But, have you considered the benefits of a prefabricated home?

When Timothy and I were looking to buy a home, we considered several different options. Some of those options included homes that were already on the market, buying a brand-new prefabricated home as well as buying a preowned prefabricated home.

benefits of a prefabricated home

Purchasing a Preowned Prefabricated Home

Timothy and I were able to find a preowned prefabricated home already set up on a lot in a small town. The home needed some updates but with it being in structurally good shape, we knew we had found the home that would meet the needs of our family.  We chose to buy a prefabricated home knowing that we were getting a well-built home for a great price. We have now lived in our home for six years and are extremely happy with our decision.

Advantages of Purchasing a Prefabricated Home

There are several advantages to buying a prefabricated home. Advantages such as affordability, setup time and the ability to even make customized choices if you choose to buy a brand-new prefabricated home.

One of the greatest advantages to buying a prefabricated home is the affordability.  Prefabricated homes are built to meet a wide range of budgets, creating affordable options for everyone. Because the manufacturers can buy materials in bulk at reduced prices, they are able to price their homes to be affordable.

Benefits of a Prefabricated Home

Prefabricated homes typically take less time to build than a stick-built home. Prefabricated homes are built in a climate-controlled home building facility, there are no weather delays, or issues with contractors and subcontractors.

Once the home arrives to your site, a team of professional installers assembles it, and it’s ready to move into within just a short amount of time. The time required to install a home on site will vary depending on the type and size of the home, the local conditions and the work needed to prepare the site.  

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Brand New vs Preowned Home

Before Timothy and I bought our preowned home, we looked into buying a brand-new home. We visited several home centers and walked through many homes. Another advantage of a prefabricated home is that many of them can be customized. As we walked through many different homes, we noticed there was a variety of floor plans to choose from, as well as custom finishes that we could pick out and choose from.

Prefabricated Home Setup

Another benefit that we liked about choosing a prefabricated home was the ease of the setup process. If we had chosen to go the path of buying a brand-new home, the home center would have helped us with third party contractors for the setup process including the water, electric and sewer. I personally loved the idea of choosing a home, having it delivered, setup and ready to move into within a short amount of time.

why buy a prefabricated home

Purchasing a preowned prefabricated home has been such a great choice for our family. The home was in good shape structurally and we have been able to make several changes as we remodel the home into the simple farmhouse style that we love. If you aren’t sure how to inspect a home to make sure that it is in good shape structurally or to determine the extent of necessary renovations and repairs, talk to a professional as you may want to have it inspected before you buy.

For our family, choosing a prefabricated home was a smart financial move that has given us greater freedom to do more of the things that we enjoy. Things like spending more time together as a family, allowing me to be a stay at home mom and to also start a small hobby farm.  

Prefabricated homes are cost effective, take less time to build than site-built homes and come in a wide array of layouts and purchase prices. The most important thing to do is your own research, visit with the local retailers at a prefab homes sales lot and then make the best choice for you and your family.

You can also take this 3 questions quiz to find out if you should consider a new Prefabulous® home or a preowned home!


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