Vintage Envelope Hardware Nail Apron Pillow Cover

Vintage Hardware Apron Envelope Pillow Cover

Changing up your home decor can be as simple as changing out the colors and style of fabric that you use. Learn how to make this vintage envelope hardware nail apron pillow cover in less than 15-20 minutes. Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial I am definitely not a pro seamstress but I know my way around a machine …

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DIY Upcycled Girls Maxi Dress

I love to hit up thrift shops and even yard sales for a lot of the pieces in mine and the childrens’ wardrobe. Sometimes, I can look beyond what the piece currently is, and to what I can create it to be. With just a few basic beginner sewing skills you too, can take a piece of clothing and up-cycle it into a one of a kind outfit.

How to Sew a Linen Pinafore Apron

I recently took a sewing class and learned how to make this Japanese style, linen cross back apron. With just a few supplies and simple sewing tutorial, you can also learn how easy it is to make this apron.

Linen Pillow Covers with Tie Closures

Learn how to sew a custom pillow cover with a tie closure in this simple, easy, quick tutorial with pictures. This is a very basic sewing project that only requires knowing how to do a single straight stitch.