Garden Pest Control Spray

I often think about how wonderful it would be to garden without the worries of little critters like rabbits nibbling on my lettuce and carrots, horn worms chomping away on tomato leaves, squash bugs devouring my squash, and all the other little pests that find my garden delicious.

It doesn’t matter how much I think about how nice it would be to avoid these little creatures because they won’t just go away without a little action on my part. That is where this simple and easy all natural garden pest control spray comes in handy.

All Natural Garden Pest Control Spray

There is a variety of things that can be done in a garden to help control the critters and insects that find the vegetable patch their tasty treat for the day. Companion planting, attracting birds and good insects, and even hand picking some of the bugs and placing them in a bucket of soapy water.

Then there are the bugs that I don’t always see, like the ones that are eating holes in my sweet potato plants. So, that is when I pull out the spray.

Garden Pest Control Spray | All Natural | Non-Toxic

Glass Spray Bottle
1 Tbsp Liquid Peppermint Castile Soap
12 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

Place the peppermint castile soap and essential oil into the glass spray bottle, then fill the rest of the bottle with water.

I usually spray the leaves of my plants in the evening time. This helps to avoid having the plants leaves “burn” in the hot summer sun.

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7 thoughts on “Garden Pest Control Spray”

  1. I’m new to your blog and very confused and disappointed. After reading about your organic pest control recipe (various pepermint oils and water), there is “shop related products” below. Commercial insecticides, Ortho onsect Killers, etc……seems like a slap in the face and hypocritical.

    • That is like a slap in the face and I am so incredibly sorry to hear that this has happened. That shop related products is an Amazon thing that is supposed to pull related products. I do not use nor do I endorse using such chemicals. I will have to see what I can do to change that. Again, I am very sorry!


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