Weatherproof Hanging Slate Vegetable Plant Markers

My favorite garden labels are these weatherproof hanging slate vegetable plant markers. These slate plant labels don’t fade and are the best for the cute outdoor identification of plants.

Outdoor Garden Markers

Weatherproof Slate Vegetable Garden Markers

If you are looking for durable, long-lasting weather proof garden plant markers, I have the solution you seek. After using these Reusable Natural Slate Hanging Tags for several years, I can honestly recommend them to my readers.

I spend many hours creating a beautiful garden to work in. From building the raised beds, to sharing how to create a beautiful garden and even what I grow in the garden there is a lot to this space.

Weatherproof Hanging Slate Vegetable Plant Markers

What Can I Use For Weatherproof Plant Markers

If you are looking for inspiration to use as plant labels in the vegetable garden there are plenty of online ideas to try. From hand-painted rocks to using broken terracotta pots, or even paint stirrer sticks, the options are endless.

For our garden, for the most part, I plant the same vegetables each year. So, I needed a more long-lasting and reusable option year after year.

Weatherproof Slate Garden Labels

Best Weatherproof Slate Vegetable Garden Markers

Heavy Duty Metal Brackets

The reusable slate garden markers come in a set of 10 with heavy-duty rustproof metal brackets. The metal doesn’t bend when inserted in the soil and has lasted for a long time outdoors.

Each metal bracket is shaped in an h-shape at the bottom of the bracket. This ensures that the labels stay put, and straight for easy identification for each plant.

Real Slate Slabs

When I ordered the weatherproof vegetable garden markers made of slate, I was surprised to find they were thick, strong, and easy to write on. Each plant label marker measures a thickness of 4-6 cm, and I have never had one break.

Supplies for Long Lasting Weatherproof Plant Labels

Outdoor Weatherproof Slate Vegetable Labels

How to Write on a Slate Plant Label

I call this a very semi-DIY project. Once the package arrives, unwrap all the slate labels and metal stakes. Then, using a white sharpie pen, write the name of each plant on the label.

Give the ink a few moments to dry, hang the slate label on the metal hook, and place it in the garden.

This super simple project adds a great deal of character and beauty to the garden. These slate garden markers can be used with chalk.

However, chalk could wash off in the rain. So, while a sharpie pen is permanent, planting the same vegetables each year is easily reusable.

Outdoor Slate Vegetable Garden Tags
Best Weatherproof Plant Markers

I hope these weatherproof hanging slate vegetable plant markers add some inspiration and beauty to your garden.

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9 thoughts on “Weatherproof Hanging Slate Vegetable Plant Markers”

  1. The garden markers are suuuper cute.. what a great idea! Just a warning about rosemary tho…it likes to spread! It would probably take a few years, but in time, it will take over an entire garden bed. I usually keep it on pots for this reason. Happy gardening and thanks for your beautiful inspiring blog!

  2. I want to order the markers, but can’t find a link, only a yellow highlighted text that does not function as a link for me. Help! Here markers are the bees’ knees!

    • I am really sorry that you experienced a broken link. I have gone in and fixed it! So, hopefully you should be able to order them now. Thank you!

  3. Thank you! for recommending garden markers that will last more than one season! Florida is BRUTAL on garden markers and the ones I’ve seen for sale locally are so cheaply made – more plastic for the landfill ( 🙁 ). These slate markers are gorgeous and look durable (even for sunny FL). Your entire farm is a dream, I’ve enjoyed reading your articles and watching your videos!

    • Thank you so much! I am glad that you found something that was helpful for you! I appreciate you being here and following along!


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