Fall Farmhouse Side Table with Natural Elements

Welcome to the beginning of fall decorating in our home! I hadn’t planned to do much this year but I picked up a new to me side table the other day and decided to pull some natural elements together to create this Fall side table vignette.

I love old photographs and the history that is behind each one, even if I don’t know the people or the history. I picked up the larger photo of the children and the teacher for a few dollars during a recent antique shop visit, and the other school house picture was a find from my recent trip to Pheonas Vintage Fall Market.

Using Natural Fall Elements for Fall Decorating

Using natural fall elements make decorating for fall cheaper and brings in a bit of what is happening outside in nature. So, I tucked some Sweet Annie in the Longaberger basket, gathered some vintage books, the old slate chalkboard, some feathers from my son’s collection and a few white pumpkins to round out the side table vignette.

I really have craved a bit of the darker colors this season and while I still love the white, bright, airy look, it is nice to have a bit of change. I suspect you will be seeing more of these colors and tones throughout our home during this fall season.

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12 thoughts on “Fall Farmhouse Side Table with Natural Elements”

  1. Sarah. I just want to tell you how much you inspire me for simple living. I love the way you use what you need to enhance your home. Touches of God’s creation makes it all beautiful. Thank you so much for inspiration. I am ready to clean out my closets of all the seasonal decorations and just look outside to see what God provides for me to use. Thanks so much. You are a blessing.

  2. I love your neutral, dark palette!
    Please if you can, would you tell me where you found your lamps? I have been looking for something like this lamp for years.

  3. Beautiful! I love how you mix the white backgrounds with some neutral colored accents. Very inspiring!!And I love old pics too, and the stories behind them. Time to simplify some things around here…


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