Fall Porch Window Box

The summer gardens are starting to look a little tired, but now is the time to add a little bit of a warm welcome to the front of a home with several fall porch window boxes.

I love to decorate the inside of our home for the changing of the seasons and the exterior. Several years ago, I decorated the front of our house with mums, hay bales, pumpkins, and cornstalks. This year I have not gotten to decorate as much since we were in the middle of moving our home.

Fall Porch Window Box Planter

After getting our home moved, I found several black metal window boxes for a marked-down price of $5.00 each. Window boxes are often placed in front of windows but are easily installed on a porch railing. I picked up two of them and chose to hang them on the porch since I am not ready to have actual window boxes at this time.

fall porch window box planter

Step 1: Choose A Window Box

Manufactured window boxes come in a wide variety of styles. Different materials make up window boxes, such as wood, plastic, or metal.

Another choice is to make your window boxes. Window boxes should have drainage holes in the bottom for adequate water drainage. The window boxes I bought are metal with a coco fiber liner.

fall porch window box

Step 2: Choose Fall Annuals for Containers

There is a wide array of materials and flowers to choose from for a fall porch window box. Simple choices include pumpkins, bittersweet berries, gourds, dried grasses, twigs, or ornamental corn.

Mums are everywhere this time of the season, and with their vibrant colors, they are an excellent choice for window box containers. When using mums in a window box, use the smaller 4” potted mums that will fit easily into the container.

I chose to use Ornamental Kale, Trailing Ivy, and White Pansies for my fall porch window box.

ideas for fall window box decorating

Ornamental Kale has rich tones of purple with ruffled and feathered leaves. Ornamental Kale can withstand temperatures that get below freezing, lasting through the winter. Plant Ornamental Kale with the lowest leaves flush with the dirt.

Pansies are one of the best choices for fall and even winter window boxes. They come in shades of yellow, orange, purple, and white. Pansies are cold, hardy, and can still bloom when temperatures hit the 20-degree mark. To prolong the life of pansies, insulate them with straw or mulch when the weather cools.

Trailing Ivy was a summer clearance purchase, but I chose to add it to this planting because of the long trailing formation that the Ivy created. The Ivy will not last as long through the season as the Ornamental Kale and White Pansies, but once it has died back, I can add in more Pansies.

all plants for flower boxes

Step 3: Create A Fall Focal Point

When I plant flowers in containers, I like to create symmetry in the arrangements. I started with the ornamental kale for these window boxes and planted two in each of the window boxes.

Then, I placed the trailing ivy on either side of the kale. Finally, I filled in the end space with white Pansy’s. I also put some White Pansies in the center between the Ornamental Kale.

As I arrange flowers in a window box, I often take time to step back and look at what I am creating from a distance. Sometimes, I move the plants or angle the plants forward to get the look I want.

Because these window box containers are seasonal, I sometimes crowd the flowers to create a fuller-looking display.

Fall Porch Window Box Design Idea

Window boxes help add color and charm to the front of a home. While each fall porch window box is simple this year, I love the welcoming touch they add to our home. It is easy to fill each window box with seasonal annuals.

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  1. Hi Sarah. I just love everything about your blog. I am trying to decide on painting my patio table and just wandering if you have any furniture outside and if so, the color you have used for that farmhouse look?
    Thank you so much.
    Your home is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful modern farmhouse ideas sweetie. Be very proud of your families accomplishments. I am a single Momma of three living in a manufactured home on the farmette my Daddy raised me up on. He has passed and years prior to him getting those big, beautiful angel wings I had left a marriage that wasn’t safe or happy and chose to move back home. It was an adjustment from a huge house on a hill with everything so prim and perfect. Yet now? I wouldn’t move into any other home ever again. A house is only a house. Walls and a roof but a home is much more. As you and hubby work on your home putting heart and soul into it, it be becomes yours… A beautiful extension of yourself, the place you trust to be a sanctuary to your babies. It matters not if the walls are built by hand or manufactured in a plant is Somewhere, USA. You have an creative eye and wonderful ideas. Kudos to hubby for being able to tackle this mostly himself. (He seems like a keeper, definitely!) Keep dreaming. Keep creative. Keep being inspired. Keep inspiring. And keep enjoying and loving this beautiful blessing of simple living♥️


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