Mobile Home Spring Porch

A simple update to create a pretty Spring porch for our mobile home.

I am quite sure it will be getting a large front porch in the near future but for this season I used what I had, and what I found. I purchased a few new annual plants to create a welcoming feel to our mobile home front porch for Spring.

Mobile Home Spring Front Porch

Last year our double-wide underwent a huge transformation. We had the home wrapped, then new siding and skirting were put on. We also had brand new windows put in to replace the ones that were original to the double-wide. We used what is known as new construction windows that would be purchased to use in a regular home build. We also tore off the old roof and added a new one. I will be sharing a post all about that remodel here soon, so stay tuned for that.

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I tell you all of that to tell you that there used to be a very large beautiful deck where these stairs now sit. You can see the deck in the photos that I share in the link above or by clicking here. I miss having the large deck, but I knew that with us planning to move the home, we would have to tear it back off. So, I just opted to leave the stairs and make the best of it for now.

If you are new here or behind on our story, you can get caught up by visiting this post, then this post and the most recent update can be found by visiting this post. Apparently, we have a knack for buying properties and cleaning them up. However, we work well together, enjoy the process and most of all we love the results. It’s been hard work to clean up each of these areas, but we are working towards our dream in a very affordable way.

Mobile Home Exterior Door

After we had the exterior work done on the home, we hired someone to come in and put a regular size door on the home. In order to put a regular size door in, the space had to be opened up in order for the door to fit. I love the look of a regular size front door so much more than what we originally had.

The door came in a solid white color and while it didn’t look bad, I was ready to add a bit of contrast to this area. With Spring being here, some new-found containers from the land we just purchased, some paint and stain that I had in the shed, I was ready to give this space a small makeover.

Mobile Home Exterior Color Scheme

When our siding was put on last year, I chose a medium gray color with white trim and white skirting. I love the gray and white color combination, and so when it came time to paint the front door I knew I wanted a darker color to add that contrast. I ended up going with a color called Forest Black. It seems to have an undertone of green at times, and I just love it!

The stairs had never been stained and I simply used a stain color that I had in the shed. It’s a very dark brown color, and it was nice to add a bit of color to the stairs and spruce them up a bit.

Rustic Galvanized Porch Planters for Mobile Home Porch

I enjoy using unique garden planters around our home and I share many different looks in this section here on the blog. We have been cleaning off the new property and what someone considcastawaysaways or junk, I have found a purpose for. I love the rusty look of galvanized buckets spilling over with greenery.

The buckets, old ladder back chair, antique seeder, and wooden box were all pulled from either the old shoe shop, the house or from under vines and dirt. I love that I can re-use pieces to create a small beautiful flower garden space at the entry of our home.

Favorite Summer Blooming Annuals

Last year, I started using all white and green flowers in my gardens. I love colorful flowers but for my own gardens, I prefer the white annuals and even the white perennials. Over the past few summers, I have discovered a few favorites that I really enjoy growing in containers for the season.

Geraniums, Lobelia, Verbena and Inpatients rank at the very top of my list for beautiful, white blooming annuals. I also use Ferns because I love that they add such a fullness to the groupings and fill in a space very nicely. Beside, Ferns just seem to be a classic choice for a porch area. Someday, I hope to have a large front porch with hanging ferns. Until then, I will be happy and content with what I have right now.

It wasn’t a huge makeover for this space, but I believe in creating beauty in all areas of my home and life. I used what I had with the exception of purchasing paint for the door and the plants. I hope that this encourages or inspires you to do a little Spring planting for your own home.

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8 thoughts on “Mobile Home Spring Porch”

  1. I love following you! I am very interested in buying a mobile (hopefully a double) home in the next few years. This is a first for me. Where do you even get started? Do you buy land first…….and then a mobile home to be placed there? Thank you for sharing. I love every photo and video. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • Happy New Year! It can vary in the way that you want to do purchase one. Buying land and then the home is an option. Many times you can get a home/land package through a home center as well. You can also buy land, search for a used home and have it moved or in our case we found one already on land. Do you plan to buy new? I would suggest visiting a home center to look at the homes. Most home centers will also take care of getting the water, sewer and electric hooked up. I hope that answers your questions.


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