Homestead Update – We Bought More Land

We recently purchased property that adjoins our current farm area, and we have a lot of clean up to do. However, with determination and a vision in mind, we know how beautiful this area can be.

Before Photos

I recently shared an update about our farm and home, and in that update, I shared that we just recently purchased this property that adjoins our current land. We have spent several days throughout the last week and a half cleaning up areas of the property.

There are some days that we leave and wonder if we have made any progress. We know that we have by looking back at the pictures, and seeing just how much we have gotten done already.

Property Clean Up – Phase 1 YouTube Video

Cleaning Up

The first area that we cleaned up was the city right of way that the land we already owned sits on. Just outside of our fence was a large wood pile with trash mixed in and an old tractor that had been sitting for many years. Some friends of ours came over and helped pile wood and brush in order to begin the cleaning process. We were later able to sell the tractor to someone who wanted it.

That weekend my parents stopped by and spent all day helping us clean up part of the yard. We piled boards, gathered trash, and so much more out of the tall grass and vines. My husband loaded one of the many vehicles from the property onto a trailer and hauled it off. He also cut down the vine that was growing on the tree where the tire swing is. At the end of the first full day of working, we had the corner of the entrance cleared out.

Over the next few days, we had someone come get the brown wooden shed and we removed the fuel tank that you can see in the back of the photo between the car and shed. Thankfully, we have been able to sell some things off the property as we clean it up.

There is a lot of various types of metal on the property and we are having to sort it all out into piles as we work on cleaning up. There are piles of tires, a place for glass, a place for trash that can not be burnt and several other misc. piles. We are also having to use a large magnet to gather all the loose nails, etc from off the ground.

The Current View

The Stuff We Have Found

We are almost two weeks into being the owners of the property. It’s quite unbelievable the things that we have hauled off just the front area of the property. The view that you can see in the photos is the only section that we have worked on. Remember, that this is over an acre of land, and nearly all of it has something on it. While not all areas are as trashed as the front, all areas need something removed.

As for bigger items we have removed three vehicle engines, one large motorcycle, and three other motorcycle frames. So far off just the front section of the yard we have hauled off two trailer loads of scrap and one truck bed full of scrap.

Along the way, we have found some neat old pieces including an old wooden box, a galvanized washtub, old oil cans, strawberry boxes, and even an old enamel pitcher. I have also found some neat smaller things like old wooden handle brushes, shoe forms, old sewing supplies, oil cans, a lard can, and even a cardboard Nestle Powdered Milk container.

Vintage Small Finds

There were multiple small things on the property that I decided to hold onto. I have found quite a few things like vintage sewing supplies, misc office pieces and even an old garden hose piece that I decided to keep. Among the finds would also be an old wooden shoe mold, a book about planting bulbs, old brushes and even an old tin.

The Shoe Shop

The shoe shop is in terrible shape as far as the contents on the inside being damaged. I would imagine that at one time the machines and other leather/shoe working equipment would have been worth a lot of money.

Unfortunately, the roof on the right side of the building has fallen in and therefore things have fallen on top of the work area. The tools and the equipment that was in the building have all been exposed to the weather and many of them had areas of rust.

We were very grateful to have found a gentleman in Arkansas who makes shoes, and he drove up here to get a lot of the tools and other misc things that he felt like he could use in his shop. It’s nice to know that some of the pieces will live on to be used for making more shoes.

With the documents and receipts that I have found, it appears that the last time the shoe shop was in operation would have been in the 1970s. It appears that Mr. Weaver was a very talented shoe repairman. He also apparently sold shoes as we found documents where he was awarded top Mason shoe salesman.

Shoe Shop Before

The House

The house is no shape to be remodeled. It has sat for many years and is full of black mold, floors that are falling in and a roof that leaks. It’s not like this is an old farmhouse filled with character, woodwork details and charm. The plan is to just clean up around the home and eventually it will be properly disposed of.

Hopefully, this gives you a good idea of what will be filling up a lot of our time this year. I am so grateful for a very hardworking husband who works a full-time job, then comes home to work hard here. We make a great team and work hard to achieve our dream.

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