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Well, it has been a long time since I have given an update about the farm and the process of moving our double-wide mobile home. So, since I have been getting a lot of emails I decided it was time to give you all an update.

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Moving Our Double Wide Mobile Home | Update

So, I almost feel overwhelmed attempting to type out a few of the details that have happened recently. I have found myself journaling a bit more these days because things have been happening, and it’s neat to look back and see how everything has fallen into place.

If you are new here then maybe you are wondering what I am talking about. I would encourage to go read this post and then head here and here for more of an update. The very short of the story is that my family lives in a double wide mobile home, and in 2017 we purchased some acreage to move our home to.

We have spent a lot of time clearing land, cutting trees and preparing to move our home. The process has taken much longer than I could have ever anticipated, and quite frankly at times I got discouraged. We had hoped to have our home moved by the fall of 2018, and that time has come and gone.

We were actually very close to moving forward with the move. We had everything ready to go, and shortly before the time came, my husband and I felt like we were called to wait. At the time we didn’t understand that calling but we heeded it. I feel like we could have pushed forward and in a way “forced” the move to happen, but looking back I am so glad that we didn’t.

Learning to be Patient and Waiting

Waiting is extremely hard for me to do. This process of getting our home moved has taught me patience, and that in waiting, something good can happen.

Last summer while clearing land and burning brush, my husband and I would talk about how we someday wanted to purchase the land that borders ours. It isn’t a lot of land, and in fact, it is just a little over an acre all together. However, we knew that if we could purchase it, it would give us more space for our little farm, more space for our children to play and more space between us and our neighbors.

Earlier this year my husband contacted the owner of the land and sadly he wasn’t ready to sell. He asked that if the owner changed his mind to please let us know and give us a chance to purchase it. A few weeks later my husbands’ phone rang, and the owner was ready to sell.

The New Place

This week we signed papers and the land now belongs to us. Once I knew that we were going to purchase the land, I began to have second thoughts about where I wanted to have our double wide placed. We have neighbors on either side of our land, and the original placement for our home was going to put us much closer to one of the neighbors than I desired to be. So, had we forced the move and not waited, I would have probably regretted where our home sat after purchasing this new piece of land.

We are now considering clearing out another section of the land and centering the home so that we have quite a lot of space between us and our neighbors on either side. However, we have a lot of work ahead of us. The land that we purchased has been left in bad shape. Trees have grown up, trash has been dumped, old vehicles left abandoned and a house that is beyond repair.

When we bought the land, we bought everything on it. One of the former owners owned a shop where he repaired shoes and it was left full of stuff. The above photos are just a glimpse of the few things that I have found. Old brushes, a box, the metal shoe pieces, old books and wooden shoe stretcher. I love the history of small towns and it’s hard to imagine that our little town was a thriving area back in its day. I was very grateful to have gotten the original deed papers to the property that date back to 1870. I look forward to gathering more pieces of what used to be a part of someone’s daily life.

What’s the Plan?

Well, I honestly wish that I had a clear date for moving our home. There is a part of our story that I haven’t shared and that is because all the details are still in the works. It’s very exciting and I hope to have an answer in the next few weeks. So, stay tuned for those details.

As for the new land that we purchased, we have a lot of cleaning to do! Our first priority is to get the yard cleaned up and all the trash hauled off. We have a lot of vines to clean up, trees that need to be taken out and so much more!

It literally looks like a tornado hit this area but I promise it didn’t. There was a single wide mobile home pulled in here, and then it was torn down to scrap it out. Then, the mess was left behind, and we now get the job of cleaning it all up.

It looks overwhelming but once it is finished we will have a beautiful place that borders the other part of our land. The only structure that will stay is the concrete building in the back corner because it was the shoe shop and while it needs a new roof, the walls are in decent shape.

Hopefully, this gives you a bit of insight as to what we have been up to around here. I look forward to getting busy on this project, cleaning up another area of our little town, and sharing the details along the way.

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  1. Dear Sarah- congratulations! What a special place you will have to make your own. Amazing- how your patience paid off.Best wishes on your adventure. Laura


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