Homestead Update – Land Clean Up

Have you been following along with this wild journey of ours? I shared the beginning of this process in a post called Property Clean Up – Phase 1, and if you are following me on Instagram, then I am sure you have seen some of the things that we have found.

Before Photos

If you want to see what this process looked like on April 4, 2019, when we purchased the property, then be sure to visit the first post in this series. As of April 21, 2019, the front of the property started out looking like the photo below.

Cleaning Up

We were once again very blessed by some friends and family that stopped by to help us out. We spent a lot of time cleaning the front street area of the property and removing the vines off the front side of the house.

Just behind some of the trees at the front of the property was an old wooden boat. The wood had completely rotted off the boat, but we pulled out the motor and the trailer. It seems as though the adventure just never ends with this property.

It took hours to clean up the vines off the trees and to trim back the brush, but once we were finished it made such a huge difference! Just check out the after photos!

Property Clean Up – Phase 2 YouTube Video

The Current View

Just cleaning up brush, vines, overgrown bushes and removing junk made such a difference in opening up this space. I don’t know the last time that anyone could drive by and actually see the front side of this home, but it is now visible and looks so much better.

Found Vintage Pieces

This past weekend was mostly spent working outside on the grounds, but my mom did venture into the shoe shop to dig around for just a little while. She came out at one point with a journal that apparently belonged to the shoe shop owner.

In the journal he left behind there were a few poems written to his wife, one to his son and then one about the shoe shop. Be sure to check out my YouTube video where I share those poems.

My mom also brought out a tiny wooden shoe mold with the size 0. You may remember that I also found a larger size shoe mold, and I have plans to keep both of them. Another favorite find was a small metal lamp. It is a bit rusty but unbelievably the light bulb still worked after I drug it out of all the mess in the shoe shop.

I brought both pieces home, cleaned them up and then styled them in our home. I love the way they look next to my Olive Tree and the Myrtle Topiary.

The Next Phase

The next weekend will be focused on pulling old trucks off the property, and I have shared a sneak peek on on Instagram of what one of those looks like. It’s quite incredible what is still hidden underneath years upon years of vines! We will continue to pull the big things off the property, scrapping and selling things as we can.

Then, things will start to move more quickly once we have someone come in and clear the land. We have a lot of trees to get out of the way. I am so grateful for this opportunity to clear the land, have more space for our small farm and eventually get our home moved over.

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  1. Oh your little finds are too cute!!! Just adore that little shoe mold & lamp. Your making such an amazing progress cleaning up your land. Have a Blessed day!!


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