How to Decorate a Country Farmhouse Yard for Fall

Simple tips on how to decorate a country farmhouse yard for fall using natural elements to give your yard an autumn look. 

I am so happy that fall has finally arrived here in Missouri. The girls and I recently visited our local pumpkin patch. While there, we gathered up the largest mums I have ever seen, several varieties of pumpkins, dried gourds and straw bales.

Fall Yard Decor Ideas

Several years ago, I decorated our front yard and shared in a post called, Simple Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas. Last year, we had just moved our home. I did not get the chance to decorate the yard for fall since we were far too busy with other tasks regarding our home.

This year, I anxiously anticipated fall. I really hoped that I would have a large front porch to decorate this year. However, just a few weeks ago, we had all the skirting removed from around our home. In place of the skirting, we had blocks placed.

Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas

There was no money in our cash only budget to add a large front porch this year. But, that did not keep me from decorating a fall outdoor display. So, I chose to decorate a space in yard right next to our drive. Here are my ideas on how to decorate a country farmhouse yard for fall.

Decorating a Country Farmhouse Fall Yard Display

Gather Items to Decorate a Yard for Fall

From straw bales to homemade scarecrows, pumpkins and gourds, there are many natural elements to use for outdoor fall decorating. Many of the items that I used to decorate this space were items that I already had on hand, or thrifted from a local shop. Gather all the items you may need and lay them out.

This year for our fall yard decorations I used:

  • Mums
  • Gourds
  • Scarecrow clothes – flannel shirt, overalls and a hat
  • Fall banner
  • Wooden crow
  • Haybale
  • Containers for mums – galvanized washtub, crocks and a wooden ice cream bucket
  • Lantern
  • Old wooden box
  • Wooden camp seat
  • Birdhouses
Outdoor Fall Yard Ideas

Country Farmhouse Fall Yard Decor Using Mums

Mums come in a large array of colors and sizes. I chose to use two different colors this year and displayed them using various containers. Some of the containers that I used were an stoneware crock, old wooden ice cream bucket and the vintage washtub.

Other ideas for displaying mums would be too use vintage wheelbarrows, bushel baskets, old feed troughs and wagons.

Country Farmhouse Fall Yard
Outdoor Fall Decorating

Straw Hay Bales for Fall Decor

Straw bales add height to the display creating a visually appealing stagger for layering items. In my display, I just used one this year for a place to put my scarecrow pole down into and to sit mums on.

Fall Farmhouse Yard Display

Creating a Fall Scarecrow for a Country Farmhouse Yard

There are many tutorials online on how to create a scarecrow from using simple wood frames to pvc pipes, there is an option for everyone. I wanted to make mine as cheaply as possible and chose to use wooden boards.

To create the scarecrow frame, I screwed together two boards. One of them was placed down in the straw bale of hay, and the other one created for the shirt to hang on.

Fall Farmhouse Yard Decor Ideas

To find the clothes for the scarecrow, I visited my local thrift shop. I was able to find the overalls, the fall banner and the hat. The crow came from an antique shop and I glued it on the pole that the scarecrow is holding.

Outside Fall Yard Ideas

Bird Gourd House Tree Branches

I recently picked up the large watering trough from a local Instagram friend. I came up with an idea to have my husband cut a large branch to hang gourds from. Gourds are very affordable and will make great houses for the birds.

The large branch was placed in a galvanized container inside the trough. We then filled the container with rocks to hold the branch in place. After that, I placed straw around the tree branch at the base to hide the rocks and create a visually appealing space.

Fall Bird House Gourd

Country Farmhouse Fall Yard

I hope that this post inspires you to create a welcoming fall space somewhere around your home. Creating a country farmhouse feel doesn’t have to break the budget. Visit your local thrift shops, use what you have and be creative.

Country Farmhouse Scarecrow

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