Fall Farmhouse Dining Room

Sitting at the computer with the windows open and the feeling of fall is heavy in the air. The leaves are falling quickly to the ground today as the wind speed picks up and storms linger in the horizon. My husband is outside changing the oil in our truck and the children are spending a little time watching a favorite show. That leaves a little time for me to finally update the blog.

I woke up to the sound of an alarm, rolled out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. The home was still dark and not a single person was awake besides me. I grabbed a light jacket, a cup of coffee and headed out the door.

Today was the day of one of my favorite sales of the year. For several months out of the year a little shop near our town opens its doors for some of the best deals you will ever find. Beautiful vintage pieces at affordable prices but you best be near the front of the line when the doors open.

Have you ever been to a tag sale? They are a lot of fun but a bit of a nail biter as well. When the doors open to the sale you head in and start pulling tags of items that you want. Stick the tag in your envelope, leave your item sitting and then continue to shop.

If there is a deal you want then you best snatch the tag before someone else does. It’s always a good time and the people have been extremely polite to one another which makes the process more enjoyable.

I picked up a few new to me pieces today and once I got home that motivated me to add a few changes to our dining room. This space is incredibly hard to do much with because there isn’t a lot of room between the chairs and the shiplapped wall.

There is still much to do with the space as far as finishing touches but I believe in making a space beautiful no matter what there is on the to do list.

I purchased the brown crock pitcher on the table and the two brown pieces in the cabinet. I have had the white cabinet sitting at the end of our hallway but I pulled it back into the dining room and turned it at an angle to face the table. It fit perfectly! I already had the crocks and the old basket.

Our dining room is used as our school room and I try to be creative in the way that I store all of our home school things. Crocks are perfect for crayons and glue sticks which is what is hiding in both of the crocks on the top and bottom shelf of the cabinet. Finishing this cabinet has been on my to do list and I suppose I will now get that done since I will see it and use it daily.

So less than $30.00 and some free branches created a new look for the dining room and I think it helped warm up the space. Still minimal in decor but yet functions in a good way for our family.



Our space continues to evolve and a lot of times I hesitate to share the unfinished spaces but I hope that I can encourage you to love the space that your in. Work to make it beautiful during the process of waiting to finish projects and create a place that feels like home to you.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Farmhouse Dining Room”

  1. I love this. The corner cupboard is fantastic there. And can I say thank you for adding the leaves? Several blogs I follow are mostly white/neutral (which I love!) but even in Fall they add things like white pumpkins. Fall is colorful and beautiful! So your colorful leaves are perfect. I love your style-you are in my top favorite blogs to follow. 🙂 Joanna in Ca.

  2. I do love your style – I wish I was more creative. And tidy! My house is always a disaster with six dogs and two cats always running in and out, but mostly it’s me. I’m just not very tidy these days sigh.


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