Gathered Wildflower Fall Wreath

The mornings have become much cooler and the sunsets just a little earlier these days. I walked outside on September 1 and the low valleys were filled with a heavy fog that hung down to earth. Craddled through the tall trees was the brightest golden yellow sun peeking through in all of its autumn beauty. I grabbed my cellphone to take a photo but nothing truly captures the awe of that moment. That moment set the Autumn mood for me and I knew that I had the desire to create that morning.

A few days prior my youngest daughter, Lydia, and I went for a drive down our local dirt roads. With windows down and the feel of the Autumn breeze upon our faces, we talked and drove the speed of an elderly couple out for a Sunday drive. It was refreshing to be out in nature and we stopped in the road several times, jumped out of the truck and gathered some of the beauty growing along side the road.

Nature does seasons so well and I love pulling from her cues when it comes to natural home decorating. When creating from nature the colors flow easily together. The gathered wildflowers were brought home and allowed to dry out for a few days before I began creating a wreath for the season.

Supplies needed:
Grapevine wreath
Utility Scissors
Gathered Dried Flowers

I chose to use a grapevine wreath because I felt it would be the easiest option for this first time wreath maker. I gathered the amount of flowers I wanted to use and stuck them down into the wreath and then tied them on with a little bit of jute twine. I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted my wreath to look and simply built mine based upon that.

There is no right or wrong way to go about making this. Gather, tuck in the flowers, tie them in and then continue to build upon that by covering up the twine where you can’t see it.

As you draw closer to finishing your wreath you may notice that you have a few areas that just need a little more. I hung mine up on the wall so that I could really see how the finished wreath would look. With areas that need filled in, I simply clipped small stems and stuck them into the wreath. There was no need to tie them in as the wreath held them. Continue to do this until your happy with what you have created.

If your looking for a very low cost option for some Autumn decorating then this would be one to try. This wreath also has dried sunflowers which I recently shared a post on.


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