IKEA Moppe Small Space Organization

Learn how to hack this IKEA Moppe storage chest into a beautiful and functioning storage piece for small space organization in your home.

IKEA Moppe Hack: School Supply Storage

IKEA Moppe

When the IKEA Moppe storage chest arrived, it was unpainted and rather plain. It has six drawers that are completely interchangeable and it costs less than $20.00, which is so affordable for great storage.

I switched the layout of the drawers on my storage chest and I also reversed the drawers since I wanted to add my own choice of hardware. While the original look wasn’t my style, I knew that I could make this into something I would love.

With some paint, stain, and a few hours of time, this storage chest became the perfect rustic farmhouse style that I love!

Ikea Moppe Hack Supplies

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Ikea Moppe Storage Chest
White chalk paint
Brown stain
7 plain wooden knobs
Sandpaper 180 grit
Matte Polycrylic
Paper towels
Sponge brush or paint brush
Gorilla gel glue

How to Makeover the IKEA Moppe Storage Chest | Painted Hack

IKEA Moppe Storage Chest Hack | Video

How to Makeover the IKEA Moppe Storage Chest

First, remove all the drawers from the storage chest. Set each one aside. Then, sand down the all of the drawers and the storage chest holder.

Next, paint all of the pieces white. Allow each piece time to dry. Then, sand again to remove any particles of wood that have risen up.

The next process is to apply a light coat of stain on top of the white paint. Then, take 180 grit sandpaper and sand the stain down to where you can see the white. This is the part where you can choose to take off as much of the stain that you want.

Then, the next step is to stain the wooden knobs. The easiest way I found to do this is to attach the screw to the back side of the knob. Then, dip it into the stain and wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Lay the knobs on a stick or another surface to dry.

Next, apply the knobs to the wooden drawers using a strong, quick drying glue. I personally used the Gorilla gel glue. It dries real quickly and doesn’t leave a mess. If some of the gel does come out from under the knob, simply wipe it off right away.

You maybe wondering why I didn’t screw the knobs on. Well, the screws were too long. I didn’t have any that were the correct length to fit the hole on the back of the knob. Is there a chance that a knob could be pulled off? Yes, there is, but I have had great results with gorilla glue. If one comes off, I will simply glue it back on.

The last step is to apply the matte polycrylic. This is my favorite way to finish off a piece that offers a protective finish. To apply the polycrylic, put a very thin layer on and then allow it to dry.

That’s it! It is a very basic process yet, a big difference in the way that it transforms this storage unit.

How to Stain Wooden Knobs for the IKEA MOPPE HACK
IKEA Moppe small space storage chest that has been painted.
DIY School Supply Organization Storage. Small Space Storage Ideas

Small Space Organization Ideas | Hacks

As a home school mom without an official room for all things school related, I thrive on being able to find functioning pieces for our home. This storage chest holds quite a lot for it’s small size. It fits perfectly on our mantle that I built, keeping all the school supplies within easy reach.

I was able to put a lot of school supplies in the drawers and now I can think of quite a few other things that I could use this storage chest for.

IKEA Farmhouse Rustic Small Space Storage Ideas

DIY Small Space Organization Ideas

Here are a few more ideas that I came up with that this storage chest could be used for. I am quite sure that I could use one in every room of our home.

  • Legos
  • Charger Cords
  • Makeup
  • Hair accessories
  • Spice Jars in the Kitchen
  • Paint Supplies
  • Tea and Coffee Bags
  • Essential Oils
  • Sewing Supplies
DIY Small Space Ideas

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Rustic Farmhouse Small Space Storage Ideas

So, while I wasn’t able to find the perfect vintage piece for our home like I wanted, this was perfect solution to my problem.

How do you handle small space organization? Have you made over the IKEA Moppe storage chest? If so, leave me a comment letting me know!

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Ikea Moppe Painted Makeover
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  1. Love it! ❤️ Curious why you glued on the knobs instead of drilling a hole and screwing them on? With frequent use, won’t they come off after a while?

    • Thanks for asking! The screws were too long so I just chose to glue them on instead of finding a different size. I have had great success with the gorilla glue and if one comes off, I will glue it back on.

  2. I found a smaller version (has 6 small drawers, not a large one) of this exact cabinet at a thrift store and use it for storing my essential oils. I don’t like the finish on there and I never thought about turning the drawers around to be able to glue some knobs on! This has given me inspiration to makeover that piece! Thanks Sarah!

  3. Love this,
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