Faux DIY Topiary Tree

I love the look of a topiary but they can be very costly, so, I decided to make my own faux diy topiary tree.

I am not sure that I can keep a real topiary alive inside the home. The space I want to put one doesn’t get a lot of light and I wouldn’t want the plant to die. So, using supplies from the local craft store, I have created a DIY topiary tree with a step by step tutorial.

My love for a topiary started with multiple images that I found on Pinterest. Pretty green topiaries tucked into vintage galvanized metal buckets or old clay pots really caught my attention. I loved the simplicity and decided that I really wanted one of own.

Then, I found the perfect bucket. It was smashed on one side and extremely dirty but after reshaping the bucket and cleaning it up, it was perfectly usable.

Then I decided to make a few phone calls and see if I could find someone local that sold topiaries. I finally found a shop but they wanted 41.00 for an eight inch topiary. That was more than what I wanted to spend, especially considering that it may not get enough light in the location that I wanted it. If the topiary doesn’t get enough light then my chances of killing the plant are quite high. So, a faux topiary was my best choice.

How to Make a Topiary Tree

Making a topiary is really easy and I am sure that there is a variety of ways to make one. There is also a lot of different greenery that you can choose from. I wanted something that looked as close to real as possible and finally decided to use one that is called Smilax.

DIY Topiary Tree Supplies

Bucket or other container of choice
Dirt or green foam to hold the stick
Stick or something that you want to put the topiary on
4 inch round foam ball

Step by Step Tutorial | DIY Topiary

The first step in making a topiary like mine is to fill your container with dirt and then insert the stick into the dirt. Then stick the foam ball on top of the stick. Putting the ball on first before adding the greenery helps stabilize the topiary as you work on it.

If you are using a garland, separate all the leaves from the garland. Then, starting at the bottom of the topiary, begin inserting the greenery by pushing it into the foam ball. Continue adding the greenery all the way around until you have the look that you want.

DIY Faux Mantel Decor

I knew that I wanted my topiary to sit on top of the faux mantel that I recently built for our dining room and, I have to say that I am very happy with the outcome. I plan to add a few more things when I find the pieces that I am looking for.

Thank you for sharing!

7 thoughts on “Faux DIY Topiary Tree”

  1. I’ve seen your photos and they are lovely. I couldn’t find if you had made a blog post about the process for taking the photos and the camera that you use. Help? Thank you, Yadira

  2. Love this and yhe Step by Step

    I might consider this, as if the
    Lighting, Area to place Tree/Plant
    would not work.

    Do ya have to dust, clean the topiary? Just as our real plants
    like leaves polished too.
    Grrreat jo???????


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