Patriotic Farmhouse Hutch

This Independence Day looks so different for our family. In the 19 years that I have been with my husband, we have always done the same thing. Pack up, head to the creek and spend the afternoon with all of our extended family. The children swim in the creek, and the adults lounge in their chairs, chatting, making multiple trips to the table to snack on foods. The sound of fireworks, kids splashing, and the endless chatter has made for some wonderful memories.

This year looks different for us. So many of our extended family members had to work or had other plans so we are at home today and it feels rather wonderful. I enjoyed a slow start to the morning, fixing breakfast, watering the gardens, gathering herbs and I did a “hard” cut on the Zinnias that resulted in a big bouquet for the house.

I gathered the armful of Zinnias, brought them in, trimmed off the bottom leaves and stuck them in a Mason jar. I added a simple small American Flag to one of the shelves and instantly added a touch of summer to the house. I added a post with more simple summer farmhouse photos yesterday but one of the things I love about sharing our home with others, is that you don’t have to have a large budget or a closet full of decor to make your home festive for the season. For me, simple is always the best.

I know Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays. I love our country, celebrating with loved ones and all the spectacular flashes of light in the night time sky. Today we will be home as a family, lighting fireworks with the children, drinking sweet tea, eating simple meals and maybe even squeezing in a short nap before watching all the evening action in our tiny town.


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  1. you have a lovely home and I like to see what you are doing and deocrating , I wanted to see what paint you use on furniture and walls, I make chalk paint but not really a fan of chalk paint, Im always painting with whatever I have on hand


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