Summer Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

I love a home that smells good! There is something so wonderful about walking in, and being greeted with the fresh smells of the season. The herbs are in abundance from the garden, and while I use them fresh, and I dry some, I thought why not use a few in a stove top simmer?

Just a few ingredients from the garden. a few lemons, a splash of vanilla and some water will have your home smelling amazing with this simple, fresh and easy stove top potpourri recipe.

Patriotic Farmhouse Hutch

This Independence Day looks so different for our family. In the 19 years that I have been with my husband, we have always done the same thing. Pack up, head to the creek and spend the afternoon with all of our extended family. The children swim in the creek, and the adults lounge in their chairs, chatting, making multiple trips to the table to snack on foods. The sound of fireworks, kids splashing, and the endless chatter has made for some wonderful memories.

Simple Patriotic Summer Farmhouse

The day before Independence Day, the birthday of our great country. It is one of my favorite holidays for it’s patriotic pride of our great country, and for the memories of sitting along the creek bank, swimming, eat delicious picnic food with our large extended family and watching late night fireworks. I am a little late in adding any touches of red, white and blue to our home but I added a few flags and it gave our home just the touch of patriotic pride that it needed.

Wildflower Bouquets

Back roads and summer time just go together for me. Given a choice of a back road or the main highway and I will always say the back roads. I feel at peace in the country with nothing but fields, flowers, animals and the occasional tractor or horse and buggy in our area. Driving back roads means …

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