Rustic Black Farmhouse Dining Chairs

Find out how to makeover mismatched chairs to get the rustic black farmhouse dining chairs look on a budget.

Rustic Farmhouse Chairs

My original dining room table and chairs have seen quite a few makeovers. I love our table! It’s big, sturdy and holds up very well for our family of six.

When I bought the table, I also purchased six matching dining room chairs, but recently I decided to go with mismatched dining room chairs. I found my mismatched chairs in a couple of various places including an auction, and online marketplaces. I got all six for under $100.00

Rustic Black Chalk Painted Dining Chairs

The process of making over these chairs was really simple. I used a chalk paint color called, Toasted Poppyseed. I chose to do a very thin layer of chalk paint so that some of the original brown would show through on the chairs as well. Then, I used a matte polycrylic to finish and protect the chairs. It took a few days to get all the chairs painted, but I am so pleased with the results.

I had originally thought that I would not add the polycrylic to the chairs because I don’t like a high shine on any of my furniture pieces. However, the matte polycrylic doesn’t leave much of a shine and gives a good protective finish. You can really see the difference below in the photo of the two chairs. The one with just chalk paint is on the right and the one with the polycrylic is on the left.

Chalk Painted | Rustic Black Farmhouse Chairs | YouTube Video

Rustic Black Farmhouse Style Dining Room Chairs

It’s been a lot of fun making over this space. We have been remodeling our double-wide mobile home into a farmhouse style> Our dining room space has changed quite a bit in the few years that we have lived here.

The last update I shared on this space can be found in a post called, Double Wide Farmhouse Style Dining Room. We will eventually be finishing the ceiling in this space and adding french doors where there is currently a window.

Farmhouse Style Mobile Home Dining Room

I shared on another post called, DIY Rustic Farmhouse Faux Fireplace and Mantel, how to build the mantel that you see here in the dining room. There is a fairly narrow space between the dining room table and the wall, so this was the perfect solution for having a space to decorate. It was originally brown, but after painting the chairs, I really felt like it would look best if it also got a makeover.

I used the same black chalk paint as I did on the chairs and the same technique. I love the finished results of this space! It’s simple and easy to keep clean.

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19 thoughts on “Rustic Black Farmhouse Dining Chairs”

  1. I really like the chairs painted black and the poly gave them a rich finish. And that table, drooling as I type. The room looks great.

  2. Looks beautiful! So glad I found you on instagram! I live in a 1974 modular home that needs So Much Work. I need inspiration,
    Haha! Did you need to do anything to stabilize the chairs so they weren’t too wobbly?

    • We pulled off all of the Sheetrock pieces. Then, we used real shiplap and nailed it to the studs with a nail gun. I will be sharing a tutorial next month.

    • My table is from a company called Sutherlands here in Missouri. They are a hardware store but have their own furniture area as well.

  3. These are so beautiful! We’re also going to be curating mismatched chairs to paint black in our dining room, so I loved reading about your paint selection! May I ask where you got your table and rug from? The rug is beautiful.

  4. This came out absolutely gorgeous! I am working on redoing my dining table and chairs and it is my first diy furniture project! Did you sand down the chairs at all before using the chalk paint or can that step be skipped? Thanks!


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