How to Separate Cream from Raw Milk

Learn the simple steps on how to separate cream from raw milk. You will get to enjoy fresh cream in your coffee, homemade butter, ice-cream and more.

We have been getting farm fresh milk from a local farmer for quite some time. One of the greatest benefits of getting fresh milk is the amount of cream I skim off the top.

how to separate raw milk from cream in a jar

How to Separate Cream from Raw Milk in a Jar

Being a beginner homesteader one of my future goals is to have my own family milk cow. We have been doing quite a bit of research as to what breed of a cow we will eventually add to our homestead. But, we aren’t quite to that point in our lives to invest in one. Currently, I am very thankful that we have several local farmers who are willing to share their dairy products with us.

I had been purchasing organic cream from the grocery store. However, we use quite a bit of cream in our home, and it was getting rather costly. I can purchase a gallon of milk and use the cream off the top for a much lower price than getting both from the local store.

What is Raw Milk with Cream

Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized. When milk is pasteurized it undergoes a process of heating the milk to a high enough temperature so it kills enzymes that are healthy. Milk is then homogenized which is a process of breaking down the fat molecules so they stay together and don’t separate as cream and it gives the milk a smooth, even consistency.

Raw milk is milk which comes from pastured cows and has not undergone any kind of processing. It contains all of the fats. There is some controversy surrounding raw milk and it is even illegal in some areas. However, I personally can’t drink store bought milk without it making me sick, but I can consume raw farm fresh milk.

Interested in finding your own source of raw milk? You can look here for a location near you.

raw milk in a jar with cream/><noscript><img class=half gallon mason jars. I have them labeled with our last name. Each week, I take one empty set to the farmers house and leave them. Then, I pick up the set I left there the previous week. After we use a half gallon of milk, the jar is washed and placed back into the box for the next weeks milk pickup time.

Raw milk should always be kept cold and I suggest storing it towards the back of the refrigerator. Our cream is stored in quart size mason jars and also kept towards the back of the refrigerator as well.

Remove Raw Cream from Milk

More Ways on How to Separate Raw Cream from Milk

Spigot Glass Jar: Using a spigot glass jar allows you to use the milk first and then eventually all that is left is the cream. To use this method pour your milk into the glass jar and then let the cream settle on the top. Generally, 24 hours will be enough time. To get the milk, open the spigot. Eventually, all that will be left in the jar is the cream.

Personally, I have never tried this method. I always need the cream off the top before my family can finish a gallon of milk.

I also have a few concerns about using the spigot method. One of them being the spigot could get clogged. The other, that it would be hard to get it clean enough. When working with raw dairy, it is so important to make sure everything stays very clean.

Stainless Steel Ladle: This is the same process of using a measuring cup, it just has a longer handle if you need to dip further into the jar.

How to Use Fresh Raw Cream

So, you have the cream. Now, what do you do with it? There are so many things you can do with cream! Having it for my morning coffee is such an essential part of my day. I love to use it for homemade ice-cream, homemade butter and heavy whipping cream.

Recipes for Raw Cream

My homemade Coconut Cream Pie requires using cream as does my homemade Chocolate Ice-Cream Recipe.

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13 thoughts on “How to Separate Cream from Raw Milk”

  1. Pasteurization is one of the greatest gifts to mankind, and I’ll never understand risking your kids’ health by refusing to pasteurize your milk. It’s illegal in most places for a reason.

    • The reason pasteurization was needed was because the milk industry doesn’t care for their cows and mastitis causes bacteria in the milk. It was necessary to pasteurize it. When you care for your cow and monitor for bacteria levels regularly there is no need to pasteurize. Do your research before making negative comments on a lovely, helpful post.

    • I’m a huge fan of the raw milk!! We have a dairy farm and I have raised my kids on raw milk since they were little. They have immune systems like you wouldn’t believe and not one of them has an allergy to anything. I know where my milk comes from and that the cows are clean and our bacteria is low and I believe it’s better before it goes through a whole process to get to the stores. I’m now able to make butter and other dairy products and I’m loving it!!!

    • I have been drinking unpasteurized milk my whole life, and I have always been healthy. If you take care of your cows then you get good milk. You risking your family’s health buying over processed foods at the store. Bacteria is so healthy for you.

  2. I feel like you have opened my eyes to something completely new. We moved to a township about two years ago and there’s an Amish community just two hours away from us. I’m really interested in looking up more information about this.

  3. What do you do if the milk jar opening isn’t big enough for scooping? I buy milk from a local farm and they sell it in old fashioned glass milk jugs with really narrow openings.

    I poured the milk into a different container, but haven’t seen a cream line resurface yet…what would you do? Will it resurface or have I mixed it in too much by pouring it?

    • The cream will resurface after several hours and then you can scoop it off. I am so sorry that I didn’t answer this sooner, somehow I missed the comment.

  4. My husband has recently changed career from 27 years in the army he is now a dairy farmer. It took me some getting used to the raw milk but now I’m a fan and now you’ve just taught me how to separate the cream from the milk I’m going to be making our own butter.
    Thank you

  5. If I wanted to pasteurize the cream after separating it from the milk could I do so. The farmers take wonderful care of there cows but they milk by hand and reuse buckets I would just feel safer knowing I am preventing any possibility of getting sick.


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