Wooden Cooking Utensils and Tools

If I had to choose, it would always be wooden utensils and tools in the kitchen. Sustainable, beautiful and timeless. Here is why I love using wooden utensils.

Through each year of my life things seem to change in ways that surprise me. Once a city girl who disliked the thought of cooking, I am now a mother and wife who is passionate about what I serve my family, where our food comes from and even the utensils that I choose to daily use in my kitchen.

As a young wife, my kitchen drawers were filled with every imaginable piece of plastic serving and cooking ware. Nothing had order and everything was hard to find because I had so many of each piece. Then, I began to feel a draw to a more simple and sustainable way of living.

Over the past few years I have slowly began to purchase pieces that have a story, that are handcrafted and that will last to be handed down through the generations. There are several advantages to using wooden utensils and tools besides just seeking a more sustainable way of living in our kitchen.

Why Use Wooden Cooking Utensils

They won’t scratch your cookware: Using wooden spoons and utensils will ensure that your pots, pans and cast irons skillets won’t get scratched.

They don’t conduct heat: I am not quite sure how many times I reached for a metal spoon when cooking only to realize that the handle was to hot to touch. Metal spoons will conduct heat, whereas wooden spoons will not. You can leave them near the stove or even in the pot with no worries of burning your hand when you go to touch it.

They are durable: Wooden spoons are very durable, as long as you properly care for them. They won’t melt like the plastic utensils, and they are harder to break. Wooden utensils will last for years with proper care and can even be lightly sanded if they get stains on them.

Beautiful and timeless: Wooden spoons just look beautiful sitting on the counter in a crock or other pretty holder. They are timeless pieces that add a touch of beauty and charm to any home.

Sustainable: In an effort to live a more sustainable lifestyle, wooden utensils are my favorite. Wood is a natural and renewable resource. Wooden utensils are also known to not interact with the acids present in food ingredients because it is non-reactive.

Supporting a Family Owned Business: I personally prefer to buy wooden utensils and tools from small shops. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by an individual and I know that my hard earned money is supporting a family and their dreams.

We are six people living in our home but we can make slow and thoughtful choices that will result in a more sustainable lifestyle. Replacing plastic pieces in our kitchen is one of the things that we can do, and it is a simple and mindful step that I have chosen to take. I invest in small companies, buy second hand and look for wooden utensils made in the USA.

I also believe in creating beauty in every little space that I can. Walking into a clean kitchen that is filled with pretty things I enjoy using, makes the task more enjoyable.

Crocks: Vintage Markets/Flea Markets/Garage Sales
Wooden Utensils: Polders Old World Market/Field Day Goods/Etsy/Local Makers
Coffee Grinder: Red Rooster Trading Co.
Honey Pot: Vintage
Measuring Cups and Spoons: Hearth & Hand Cups and Hearth & Hand Measuring Spoons
Bamboo Straws: These are the ones I have

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