Installing Exterior French Doors

Exterior French doors are a great way to add charm, character, and natural light to your manufactured or mobile home. Not only are they beautiful, but they also provide an economical option for bringing the outdoors in.

Mobile Home Dining Room with newly installed french doors

Exterior French doors are a great way to make your home look and feel bigger and brighter. They also provide a way to let in natural light and fresh air.

Whether you are looking for a way to add a touch of beauty to your home or want to enjoy the benefits of natural light, exterior French doors can provide the perfect solution.

Before Photos | Adding French Doors

On our list of home remodeling projects, I wanted to replace the window in the dining room with French exterior doors to maximize the amount of natural light and create a more open feel.

As this process is detailed, it is not one that we were willing to do ourselves. It needed to be done by a professional contractor who would ensure the job was done correctly.

I will provide a brief overview of the process of installing French doors in a manufactured mobile home to demonstrate this and illustrate its impact on the home’s character.

Can You Put French Doors in a Mobile Home

Yes, you can put French doors in a manufactured or mobile home; however, it is essential to note that this is a major renovation project and should only be attempted by a professional.

Additionally, the installation process will vary depending on your mobile home type. The size and style of the French doors may need to be adjusted to ensure they fit correctly in the home.

Furthermore, if you add a French door to a location that lacked one before, there may be a requirement for foundation support due to the larger unsupported gap.

All measurements must be precise, so the doors will open and close properly and be sealed against water. I strongly advise seeking an expert opinion before placing French doors in a manufactured or mobile home.

Double Wide Mobile Home Remodeling

In 2013, we purchased our 2002 Clayton home, and since then, we have been steadily transforming it through hard work and our creative vision.

We have seen that it is achievable to transform a standard manufactured or mobile home into something special.

In our home, we have added hardwood floors, gutted the kitchen, and added new kitchen cabinetry and countertops. We have also removed the marriage wall, added planks on the ceiling, and hung shiplap on many walls.

By adding our personal touches, we have made this manufactured home our own and created a beautiful, cozy and comfortable living space.

french or patio doors for mobile homes

When adding doors to a manufactured or mobile home, there are two main options: patio or French doors.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are large sliding glass doors that typically open onto a patio or deck area. These doors have two large glass panels that slide past each other and are a great way to let natural light into the home.

French Doors

On the other hand, French doors are typically made of wood or metal and have glass panes running across the entire door length.

These doors have two panels that swing outward, making them great for connecting a space with an outdoor balcony, patio, or garden.

When deciding which door is best for your space, it is essential to consider your individual needs. If you have limited space, sliding glass patio doors may be ideal.

However, French doors could be the perfect option if you are looking for that open connection between the indoors and outdoors.

exterior french doors mobile home

We decided to go with French doors for our manufactured home as we preferred their design to patio doors. We love that both doors can be opened entirely to the outdoors and hope to build a large porch for entertaining.

Additionally, French doors add an airy, spacious feeling to the dining room while offering a wider opening than sliding doors. This allows for easier access to moving furniture in and out of the home – which I often seem to do.

exterior french door sizes

French doors can be the perfect addition to a manufactured or mobile home. You can place them in an existing opening or create a new one to accommodate them.

Standard-height French doors are typically sold as pairs and come in various sizes. The height options range from 80 to 96 inches, while the width generally spans up to 72 or 96 inches for a wider choice.

Because our ceilings are slanted in our home, we had to choose 72″x76″ exterior French doors designed explicitly for manufactured or mobile homes.

french doors for double wide mobile home

Adding French doors to a manufactured or mobile home can help to enhance its appearance and bring in more natural light.

Although the installation process may be complicated, the task can be completed with the correct method and materials.

Here is an overview of how INB Construction installed exterior French doors for our double-wide mobile home.

Step 1. Begin by removing the existing window. 

Step 2. Measure the width and height of the available space to determine the size of the new door. 

Step 3. Purchase an exterior French door that fits the space. Ensure the door is rated for exterior use and has the appropriate weather stripping to prevent air and water leaks. 

Step 4. Cut the hole in the wall and frame the rough opening per chosen door’s installation specs. In our situation, a steel-reinforced header had to be built to accommodate the limited space above the door. 

Step 5. Install the door according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will involve attaching the door frame to the wall, using shims to level the door frame, and installing the door. 

Step 6. Seal gaps between the door frame and the wall with door and window foam insulation. Seal the exterior with appropriate z-flashing, stick-on flashing, and sealant for a moisture barrier. 

Step 7. Install the trim work, sand, and paint.

After | mobile home french doors

Installing French doors in our manufactured home has been a great way to add visual appeal to our home. Not only have they helped to update the look of our home, but they have helped to create a bright, open environment.

Furthermore, French doors have helped to save energy by allowing natural light to enter our home and reducing our need for artificial lighting.

Installing French doors in a manufactured or mobile home has been a great way to add style, appeal, and value to our home.

We have achieved a lot in our double-wide manufactured home; some projects are still to be completed, such as fitting the trim around the ceiling.

However, our progress is something we are happy with. We hope this post encourages and inspires you to make your home the place that you want it to be.

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. That corner of your kitchen that you showed compares favorably with the fixer-uppers I’ve seen Chip and Joanna Gaines design. Love the French doors and wood floors! (BTW, I live in Waco.)

  2. Really like your french doors. We have existing sliding glass patio doors that have lost the seal between the panes. We want to go back with french doors. I’m having trouble finding mobile home replacement doors. Can you share where you purchased yours? Or did the installer supply them?

    • We did purchase ours through a mobile home manufacturing company. You can search them online – there are several different ones.


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