Building Raised Garden Beds and a Day in the Garden

Today, I am sharing some photos and a video as the children and I spend a day in the garden. We built a few new raised garden vegetable beds, a new raised flower bed, spread mulch and pulled weeds. Join us for a day in the garden!

Easy, DIY Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

Last year was the first year that I built raised garden beds and I absolutely love them! I shared a blog post back before I was doing YouTube videos called, Raised Vegetable Garden Beds. That posts goes into detail about the cost break down, and how I built them, but I thought it would be good to show you in video form as well.

Where to Get Garden Dirt

It can be really costlyto buy a lot of garden dirt by the bag so, I searched online marketplaces for a farmer that had some for sale. He sells it by the truck bed full and we are so grateful to get some. Our vegetable grew so well in it last year, and so we used the same source to get some this year.

A Day in the Garden | YouTube Video

Pulling Weeds

Having raised vegetable garden beds doesn’t completely mean that you will have a weed free garden. There are still some to pull but it only takes a short amount of time to pluck them out by the root. I generally pull more weeds at the beginning of the season, but as the season progresses the vegetables crowd them out and I spend very little time pulling weeds.

Waterproof Vegetable Garden Marker Idea

I used these slate garden markers last year, and of course I am using them again this year. They are slate, and they are waterproof which means no worrying that my labels may fall apart or the wording come off. I used sticks last year to hold the labels, but this year I decided to purchase the metal garden stakes. It took a bit of work to get the label on the garden stake, but you can see my remedy to that in the video.

Garden Sources

Metal Garden Stakes
Slate Plant Labels
Cedar Picket Fence Boards

Raised Vegetable Garden Layout

We know have a total of 10 vegetable garden beds and one raised flower garden bed that I will plant my Dahlias in. We finished the garden beds, filled them with dirt, got the sweet potatoes in, and then a huge thunderstorm rolled in creating a beautiful photo.

This space is one of my favorite places to be and will change and progress through the season. I anxiously await for the summer annuals to bloom and the time to harvest vegetables!

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