Building a DIY Walk In Pantry

Building a DIY walk in pantry has been at the top of my list for a remodeling project in our double wide mobile home kitchen. Here is a look at the progress and reveal.

building a walk in pantry

Built in Kitchen Pantry

When we first purchased our double wide mobile home, it had a very small pantry with wire shelves. The pantry was in the middle of the kitchen and dining room space, and backed up against the marriage wall to the living room.

The original pantry was not what we wanted to keep as we had plans to change our floor plan. We ended up tearing the pantry out which opened up the floor space between the kitchen and dining room.

double wide kitchen renovation

Adding a Pantry to a Small Kitchen

To add a walk in pantry to our kitchen, we took out the cabinets along the back wall of the kitchen where the refrigerator was located. We then located the refrigerator to the wall where the pantry used to be.

The cabinets were in rough shape and easily removed in order to start the process of adding the pantry to our kitchen.

double wide kitchen remodel
remodeling a double wide

How to Build a Walk In Kitchen Pantry

To build the walk in pantry, the sheetrock was removed from the back wall. Then, the area for the pantry was framed out with 2×4 boards. The 2×4 on the ceiling is screwed into a rafter stud in the ceiling. There is also a 2×4 screwed into the floor. The majority of our home has shiplap on the walls, so I decided to do the outside pantry walls with shiplap as well.

The majority of our home has shiplap on the walls, so I decided to do the outside pantry walls with shiplap as well. To attach the shiplap to the walls, we used a nail gun to attach them to the studs.

The interior of the pantry walls were finished with sheetrock and painted using Snowbound from Sherwin Williams.

For the flooring, we put down the same hardwood floors that we put throughout our dining room and living room.

diy walk in pantry

Walk In Pantry Dimensions

The dimensions for our walk in pantry ended up being about 4 foot wide and 9 foot long. While this is a small size for a walk in pantry, it worked for our home.

The pantry not only works for storing all of our baking and cooking essentials, but also small appliances which were stored on the shelves in the back.

Build Your Own Walk In Pantry Shelving

To build the shelving for our small walk in pantry, we used boards from our local hardware store to create the shelves. Using boards we built the frame for the shelves and basically built a bookshelf to hold all of the jars and small appliances.

When deciding how to build shelves for the pantry, take into account what the dimensions are of the items that will be stored on the shelves. For instance, cereal boxes will need a shelf with more height while can goods will need a shelf that is not as tall.

We built two sets of shelving units. The one in the front of the pantry holds all of my glass storage jars. To the left of the jars, I left a space to hang my cast iron skillets. To the left of the cast iron skillets is another set of storage shelves which is where I store all of the small appliances.

glass pantry organization

Walk In Kitchen Pantry Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are a beautiful part of the farmhouse decor. If you are reading this and wondering if a double wide manufactured home can support the weight of sliding barn doors, they can!

Our sliding barn door and hardware came from Rustica Hardware.

Walk In Pantry Lighting

I love farmhouse lighting and for the pantry, I chose a beautiful black goose neck light from Steel Lighting Co. 

pantry lighting

Inside the Walk In Kitchen Pantry Organization

Organizing the inside of the walk in kitchen pantry was an enjoyable part of the process. I love the look of having our kitchen essentials stored in pretty glass jars. I am quickly able to see what we are running low on add it to my list of items purchase.

Kitchen Pantry Sources

Since this post, we have done a complete remodel in our kitchen. Check out these posts to see the latest updates.

DIY Walk in Kitchen Pantry

Thank you for sharing!

5 thoughts on “Building a DIY Walk In Pantry”

  1. I can’t help but notice your a/c unit there. We have the same beastly thing in our MH. Since this post that opening is covered up. How do you access it? Is it behind the shelf unit in the newer pics? Just curious. Our unit gave up the ghost three summers ago. We have been using a window unit since then. Not the best thing, but makes these southern summers more tolerable! We plan on removing the outdated a/c unit and converting that space into a small pantry. I’ll update when that finally happens 😉 Your Home is becoming your haven! I love it!! And the fact that your just as fickle with paint as I am. ❤️

  2. So very very beautiful! It’s exactly what I’ve been hoping to do in our mobile home, but also incorporate a coffee station as well.
    How deep is the new pantry? And how do you access the a/c unit now? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hey I just found your blog and love it! My husband and I own a 2006 double wide and the floor plan is almost the exact same. It’s so inspiring to see all the work y’all have done and gives us hope it’s possible!
    I’m so curious as to where your pantry is in the house. I keep looking at updated pictures and can not figure out where y’all fit it in at! I’m trying to figure out how to do that for our kitchen as well because we were thinking of making our laundry room the pantry .. thank you!


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