Healing Calendula Infused Oil

Learn how you can make and use a healing calendula infused oil with just two simple ingredients.

Benefits of Calendula

Calendula is known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antiviral. Calendula is most commonly used as a skin salve because it is very gentle on skin. It is used for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, and bug bites. It may also help with dry, cracked skin and itching. Before making any of the Calendula salves, you have to make the Calendula infused herbal oil.

Growing Calendula

Calendula is a very easy plant to grow and provides wonderful color to the garden. Not only are they easy to grow, and a beautiful cut flower, but you can also add them to salads as a garnish. They are such a versatile flower but my favorite way to use them is by drying the flowers and using them in salves. In years past, I have grown Calendula in my vegetable garden and you will want to be sure that you are growing Calendula officinalis. It is the one you want for its edible and medicinal benefits. If you don’t have Calendula to grow and dry then I highly recommend purchasing from Mountain Rose Herbs or another company that supplies organically grown herbs.

How to Make Healing Calendula-Infused Herbal Oil

There are two main ingredients that you need in order to make a healing Calendula Oil. You will need dried calendula and a carrier oil of your choosing. It is extremely important that the calendula is totally dry before you combine them with oil, as they can cause rancidity otherwise. I personally use organic olive oil but you can use a variety of carrier oils. Once you have these two simple ingredients, you are ready to make the calendula infused oil.

Healing Calendula Infused Recipe

  • Dried Calendula Flowers

  • Carrier Oil – Olive Oil

Place Calendula in a jar that has a tight fitting lid.

Add enough oil to cover the calendula.

Use a spoon to stir the calendula and oil around to get out any air bubbles.

Put the lid on the jar and sit in a sunny window sill to steep for 4-6 weeks.

Once your oil has infused, strain it, and store in a labeled glass jar, preferable in a cool, dark place for around a year. For longest storage, you can store in the fridge, just let the infused oil warm up to room temperature before using.

Using Calendula in Recipes

Once you make the calendula infused oil there are a variety of ways that you can use the oil. You can use it just as it is by rubbing it on cuts, scrapes, and minor skin wounds. You can use the oil on dry hands, cracked and dry feet, or even use a tiny amount in your hair. There are a variety of other ways to use the oil as well. Making your own salves, creams, body butters, lotions, diaper rash creams, and even lip balms are just a variety of things that you can make.

Making Calendula infused herbal oil is really as simple as that. Making your own herbal infused oils doesn’t have to be difficult and while it may sound complicated, it isn’t. It is as easy as combining the two ingredients and sitting them in the sun for a few weeks. Calendula isn’t the only herb that you can infuse. Other herbs such as lavender, plantain, yarrow, and comfrey are are also great to infuse! So, which one will you be infusing?

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  1. I’m interested in how you are using calendula in salves. I grew this over the summer and I’m looking for different ways to use this herb. Are you sharing these recipes?


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