Landscape Gardening Around the Chicken Coop

Is it possible to have a pretty yard with flowers around the chicken coop? With the recent addition of the backyard farmhouse chicken coop, I have added some landscape gardening around the coop. Using galvanized containers and some perennial shade plants, this has become an area to enjoy.

Chicken Coop Landscape Gardening Ideas

Before this area became the vegetable garden and chicken coop area, it was an overgrown field that hadn’t been used in many years. With the addition of the raised garden beds, then the chicken coop, I wanted to create a beautiful area to enjoy. Adding perennial flowers and even having some cut flowers has made this an enjoyable area on the farm.

Landscape Gardening around a Backyard Chicken Coop

What is Chicken Coop Landscaping

Basically, it’s decorating around the chicken coop with various plants. It can also be using other pieces such as old galvanized washtubs to create a uniqueness to the area. Many chicken coop areas will have bedding and feeders but lack the aesthetically pleasing look of plants or shrubs.

Chicken Coop Landscaping Ideas

What Can be Used to Landscape Around the Chicken Coop

The possibilities are endless. A few of the things that were used around the coop include old galvanized washtubs, terra cotta pots, and rocks from around the farm. Any type of old garden junk or unique pieces like metal bed frames can add a lot of character.

Chicken Coop Landscaping with Garden Junk

What Plants Can I Landscape Around A Chicken Coop

There is a large variety of plants that can be planted in an area where chickens are located. Our chickens are located in a rather shady location, so around the coop, you will find hardy shade perennials.

For instance, some of the perennials that have been planted are Anemone, and Astibles. There is a wide variety of Hostas and even an Oak Hydrangea. Hostas are a great shade perennial. They are very hard to kill, grow extremely well in this area and they are easy to divide.

What if the chickens dig around the plants or try to eat them? Good question! This was a blank area on the farm, to begin with, and the landscaping is primarily for our enjoyment. For instance, if a few of the plants get messed up or eaten, it’s not something that I will be too concerned with.

After all, each chicken is different and what one chicken may enjoy eating, another one may not. So, there is no way to completely keep the chickens from digging up or eating on certain plants.

How to Keep Chickens from Scattering Mulch

Using mulch in all of the flower garden areas seems to dress up the area, and keeps the weeds down. However, this can also create an area for the chickens to scratch in as they look for worms and bug that they enjoy.

If the chickens scratching and scattering becomes too much of an issue, laying down some netting on top of the mulch may be the solution to the problem. In addition, the netting can be secured under the rocks that border the flower beds.

Landscaping Around the Chicken Coop Using Galvanized Garden Containers
Decorating Around the Chicken Coop

Container Garden for Landscaping Around the Chicken Coop

Using containers around the chicken coop gives an eye-pleasing height to the landscape design. It can also provide less of a temptation to dig up whatever may be planted in the container. Not that the chickens won’t dig it up, but it may be less convenient.

In the galvanized containers around the coop, White Impatients have been planted. One container is still empty but will be filled with herbs or possible a Boston Fern. Generally, the plants in the containers are annuals that need to be replanted each year.

Landscape Gardening Around the Chicken Coop | Video

Landscaping a Predator-Proof Chicken Coop

Landscaping around the chicken coop can help hide the chickens from predators. It can also mean that the predator has to dig deeper to get into the coop. With the layer of dirt, mulch, and rocks around the coop, it is more difficult to get in. There are many predators that would love to get into these chickens, including local dogs that roam, foxes and even coyotes.

Other than landscaping around the coop, you may also notice some small black boxes hanging from some garden hooks. These are Solar Powered Predator Eyes. These lights activate at dusk, flash all night, and are completely weatherproof. So far, they have worked wonderfully for helping keep the chickens safe.

Chicken Coop Landscape Ideas

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Do you have chickens? Do you plant flowers, shrubs or herbs around the exterior of the chicken coop? Leave a comment below with your thoughts and what works for you. If not, be creative and create an environment that can make for an incredibly attractive flower garden.

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  1. Hello… I am always so glad to see your work that you and your family do, keep up the awesome job. I also love to watch to see what you guys have been doing on the property that you now own. I wish I lived closer as I would be right in there to help you. I live in Canada!!! Lorraine

  2. Thanks for this post. I was glad to see the predator eyes mentioned. I need something like this and just ordered a set. Love you posts about your home, garden and farm!


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