Country Cottage Garden Shed

Gather inspiration from this inviting country cottage garden shed that is the focal point in the garden. This space, filled with rustic charm and a peaceful outdoor retreat, provides inspiration and fuels creativity.

Keeley and her husband, Nick, designed and built this charming cottage garden shed. This garden shed is a place for Keeley to go and piddle around and feel at peace.

Cottage Garden Shed Inspiration

For several years, I have followed Keeley on her Instagram feed. It is always lovely to catch a glimpse of someone’s home and style. I love that she takes the time to capture her home beautifully.

I am continuously inspired by her style and love for creating a beautiful cottage-style space. The garden shed on Keeley’s property is full of life, love, and beautiful treasures that anyone would be envious of. From her collection of plants to her array of vintage gardening decor, this is a green haven that every gardener can only hope to have one day.

A small vintage cottage garden shed is an ideal space for creating a cozy country feel. I hope that through these photos and inspiration, you will gather ideas to give your area a country cottage feel.

Country Cottage Garden Shed

Keeley’s Inspiration

I asked Keeley what her inspiration was for building the cottage-style garden shed. She said, Our garden is the one place at our cottage (aside from the kitchen) that makes me feel absolutely at peace and is so good for my soul!

Keeley practically stays outside in the garden in the spring and summer most of the day. When she first created her larger, raised bed garden, she ultimately knew she wanted some garden house/shed/greenhouse, anything that was a little structure!

Inspired by old country cottages, gardens, and Beatrix Potter books, Keeley knew she wanted some little garden shed. She wanted something to tie the garden together for a cozy country cottage feel!

Garden Shed Interior Ideas

Interior Garden Shed Ideas

Every day, Keeley goes out to her country cottage garden shed to tinker around and think. She loves creating little vignettes and scenes and photographing them as this fuels her creativity!

Keeley describes her style as a cozy, vintage cottage farmhouse. Her grandparents on her dad’s side had a farm, and she says that she has always been drawn to that look, really that vibe.

Keeley says, “when I think of a farmhouse, I think of out in the country, simple living, vintage, and all things old, and I am drawn to all those things! And I always say cozy cottage because that’s what cottages scream to me, completely cozy, smaller, and happy! And that is our home!”

When decorating the country garden shed, Keeley wanted it to look like it had been there the whole time. She wanted a very natural, simple space for the inside and wanted everything exposed wood and painted over.

When decorating the interior of her garden house, Keeley wanted it to look like a farmer had just put some things around that they might use. Things like old terra cot pots and tools, seeds and seed packets, and plants.

The interior design of the cottage garden shed made it feel authentic to how the space would have looked in older times, so it was designed to be smaller so it felt cozy.

Where to Find Vintage Garden Decor

Keeley says she typically gets her things from antique stores and thrift shops! They have a ton of local shops around where she lives, and she loves supporting the small businesses! 

Cottage Garden Ideas and inspiration

A garden shed can be a great addition to your backyard or property. However, to make the most of it, you need to think about the area’s landscaping surrounding it.

By including plants and other features in your garden, you can create a space that feels inviting and complements the design of your country cottage garden shed.

Whether you’re looking for ways to make your garden shed feel cozier or want to give it a fresh, updated look, here are seven ways to add character to your cottage-style garden shed!

1. Add a Cozy Garden Shed

A garden shed can be an excellent investment. It can provide extra storage space, act as a workshop, or provide a relaxing space in the backyard. There are many ways to create a new garden shed, and here is the story of how Nick and Keeley created their cozy garden house.

In January, Keeley lost her PawPaw, one of her favorite people and like a second dad to her. She says, “I was gutted,” Keeley’s husband, Nick, knew that she had wanted a cottage-style garden house for years! A few weeks after the funeral, Nick sat her down and told her he had an idea for her birthday.

Nick told Keeley he wanted to build her garden house for her birthday! He thought it would be a special place for her and a way to help her through the grieving process. She had always thought they would buy a store-bought one and never thought she would get a custom one in her wildest dreams!

Nick enjoys building things, so he told Keeley to get pictures of ones she loved, and he would work up some plans. Keeley says she scoured Pinterest and sent him over images!

Nick worked for about a week on the plans and showed her the result to see what she thought. It was exactly what Keeley wanted!! She wanted a pitched roof and then an adorable little porch.

2. Upcycle Vintage Garden Decor

Keeley tucked an old bicycle alongside the garden shed, adding charm that may not be seen anywhere else. It is just what these vintage garden decor dreams are made of!

It can be used as a garden feature or an anchor for a flower bed. An old bicycle, filled with flowers in baskets or old metal buckets, can provide beauty for years to come.

Country Cottage Garden Shed

3. Create a Space to Relax

There are a few simple steps to create a relaxing and welcoming space. One of the critical factors that were important to Keeley was making sure that her PawPaw’s rocking chair would be able to fit on the porch. Her husband made sure to include this in their design and construction.

Creating a relaxing and welcoming space can be easier than you think. The cottage garden space may be small, but the environment doesn’t have to feel cramped.

4. String Lights

String lights are a perfect decoration to create a cozy ambiance while adding style and design to your space. They are also really easy to install and can be hung from the porch roof.

Garden Shed with Front Porch

5. Build Window Boxes

Building a window box is a quick and easy weekend project that has the potential to improve the look of your garden shed significantly. They are easy to assemble and can be customized to fit any space and style.

A window box not only brings a pop of color to your garden shed, but it can be used as a place to grow herbs, vegetables, or flowers. Window boxes are a quick and easy way to add life and color to any area of your house or garden shed!

6. Add Raised Garden Beds

The cottage garden traditionally includes flowers, vegetables, and herbs that provide not only food but also beauty. An authentic cottage garden feel can be achieved by planting flowers and produce together with the garden shed being the focal point.

Flowers are the essence of a country garden. They can add color, texture, and contrast to your garden area. The way they brighten up the garden and make it feel warm and welcoming makes them so necessary.

Keeley has a lot of enthusiasm for gardening. The raised garden beds in front of her cottage garden house are convenient for growing vegetables and flowers.

7. Welcome Wildlife

Cottage gardens are a great way to bring nature into your yard. They add beauty and color while providing a relaxing space for you to enjoy. From the front porch view of the cottage garden shed, you can sit and enjoy the view of birds, bees, and butterflies.

Attracting birds into your cottage garden is a great way to make your garden more inviting and enjoyable. Decorate with bird feeders, birdhouses, nest boxes, and more to attract these beautiful creatures.

Bees and other pollinators are essential for the growth of many different plants, including those used in cottage gardens. Include plants that provide food sources, such as lavender and foxgloves, and some flowering plants like roses.

Cozy garden Shed

As a passionate gardener who loves to garden, I also know the joy of having a garden shed to work in. They provide the perfect spot for planting new plants, collecting seeds, and enjoying the peace and quiet. Having a beautiful space to work in makes gardening even more enjoyable.

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When I found Keeley’s cottage garden house on Instagram, I knew immediately that this had to be shared with all of you! Keeley’s cottage garden shed represents her style and personality. Her cottage garden house is an extension of her creativity, which she shares with the world, so please be sure to visit her on Instagram or Pinterest to see more of her creative designs!

Thank you for sharing!

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    • I completely agree with you. I thought it was incredibly sweet of Nick to do this for her during such a hard time in her life.


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