All Natural Non Toxic Fall Smell

Holiday Stove Top Simmering Potpourri

I really love to use candles in our home but I have been trying to be much more aware of what we use in our home. Many candles are made with ingredients that I don’t want burning in our home. This year we have been making our own holiday potpourri and allowing it to simmer on our wood burning stove. It smells amazing!

Handmade Clay Tags or Ornaments

I was strolling through the craft store the other day with the children in tow. I was looking for some activities that would keep them entertained during the longer days of the upcoming months. With darkness rolling in around 5:30, the days can feel long and dreary and it can be hard to keep children entertained for long hours. Air dry clay was one of the items I picked up and placed in my cart. Then an idea came to mind….

Simple Rustic Farmhouse Christmas

Lots of greenery, ticking stockings and white lights, crocks and Christmas trees is how I decorated our home for the 2016 holiday season. I kept it simple, yet festive.