How To Plant Cosmos From Seeds

I love having a cut flower garden and this year I am adding Cosmos to my cut garden beds. I have read that they are profuse annual bloomers that are perfect for the cottage garden. They are known as very easy flowers to grow from seed and will last long through the summer until the first frost.

Mobile Home Spring Porch

Our double wide mobile home has seen several changes to the front of the home in the five years that we have lived here. I am quite sure it will be getting a large front porch in the near future but for this season I used what I had, what I found, and a few new annual plants to create a welcoming Spring feel.

Quaint Rustic Garden Shed

A small quaint outdoor gardening shed built from reclaimed lumber, an old door from an auction and a gifted window. It’s just the perfect size for all my gardening tools and other essential garden things.

washtub planter ideas

DIY Galvanized Tub Planters

Using galvanized buckets or old washtubs in the garden is a great way to add a bit of character and farmhouse charm to the vegetable, herb or flower garden. It’s easy to turn any galvanized metal tub, bucket or pail into a planter with just a few tips.