Remodeling a Double Wide Manufactured Home

We are family making our farmhouse style dreams come true while remodeling a double wide manufactured home.

Purchasing a 2004 Clayton double wide manufactured home was a great alternative for our family. Our home was purchased for an unbelievable low cost which has allowed us to renovate and restyle in a way that we love.

Part of my blog chronicles the remodeling process of our home and along the way I share before and after photos, and decorating ideas for our double wide mobile home.

Double Wide Mobile Home Exterior Remodel

In the winter of 2013, my husband and I signed the papers to purchase a manufactured home out of foreclosure. Our purchase price was a price that was cheaper than what you can buy the cheapest brand new car off the market for these days.

Our home has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, living room, kitchen and dining room. Our home has been through a big transformation and still has a lot to go through, but with one day at time we are turning this into our forever home.

This was close to the first photo of when we purchased our manufactured home. The yard was grown up with weeds, the door handle was missing, the house was left full of trash, carpets that were full of animal smells and even a refrigerator full of rotten food. The previous owners had vacated and left the mess for someone else to clean up, but our family was up for the challenge.

The manufactured home was in great shape structurally, and was built in 2004 by Clayton Homes. With the help of friends and family, we took out many bags of trash, ripped out carpets, and cleaned for hours before we ever moved in. I spent a lot of time painting our shutters black, planting beautiful flowers, building a potting shed, installing a fish pond and my husband added a deck to our home, a new front door and spent hours upon hours cleaning up the yard.

Replacing Windows, Siding, Skirting and the Roof on a Double-Wide Manufactured Home

In 2017, our home endured a powerful hail storm that damaged all of our siding, broke windows and destroyed our roof. So, our home underwent a bit of a transformation after that storm. We had the home wrapped with insulation, new siding, skirting, all new windows put in and even a brand new roof put on.

Making those few changes dramatically changed the way that our home looked on the outside. Our home is shown below in its most current look, it no longer has the deck, the potting shed has been moved and all the flowers have been transplanted because we have plans to move our manufactured home.

Once we move the home, we will build a deck across the front and add wooden shutters to all the windows. The front door will also be getting a coat of black paint.

Farmhouse Style Mobile Home Remodel

We have made a lot of changes to our home. One of the biggest changes, remodeling the exterior made the biggest impact on how our home looked. We also moved our double wide to the farm, removed the marriage wall, put up shiplap on the walls and added window trim around the windows.

We seem to have a knack for picking places that need a lot of work and this barn was no exception. In 2017, we purchased almost two acres just on the edge of town with the most beautiful old barn that I have ever seen. Over grown with trees and brush, we have put in countless hours to uncover this incredibly beautiful barn.

There is a lot of information on this site regarding our double wide remodel. I have tried to categorize most of them into the remodel section. So, have a look around!

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