DIY Upcycled Girls Maxi Dress

I love to hit up thrift shops and even yard sales for a lot of the pieces in mine and the childrens’ wardrobe. Sometimes, I can look beyond what the piece currently is, and to what I can create it to be. With just a few basic beginner sewing skills you too, can take a piece of clothing and up-cycle it into a one of a kind outfit.

Up-cycled Adult Dress into Girls Dress

My daughter loves maxi dresses, but they seem to be harder to find second hand in her size. So, when I came across this dress in a medium womens size, I knew I could transform it into a dress that would fit her. The dress cost me a $1.00 at a local yard sale, and with just two hours of thinking, getting measurements and sewing, Lydia had a new dress that fit her.

Up-Cycled Denim Jacket

There are so many creative ways to up-cycle a denim jacket, but Lydia had really been wanting a denim vest. We dress very modestly, and a denim vest can often be put over the top of sleeveless dresses, and this strap tank-tops to provide a more modest option for some of the things that we wear.

Up-cycling this denim jacket was so easy. It was as simple as cutting the sleeves off to form the vest. The jacket costed just a few dollars at a local thrift shop. There was no sewing involved to create the denim vest.

How to Up-Cycle Girls Clothes

For this dress, I initially had Lydia try it on to figure out what I needed to adjust. The length of the dress was too long, so that is where I cut the straps for the dress from. The top bust part of the dress was also to big for her, so I cut the top elastic piece off and then turned the top edge down twice to avoid having a raw edge that would unravel.

When I am working on a piece like this it can take a lot of trying on, measuring, and thinking to get the piece to look the way that I want. Up-cycling clothing will be different for each individual, so I hope that by watching the video you will be inspired to try making something of your own, either for yourself, your home or for your children.

DIY Up-Cycled Girls Dress | YouTube Video Tutorial

DIY Up-Cycled Sewing Ideas | Tutorials

I have teamed up with a few of my Instagram and blogging friends to bring you this wonderful series. Each one of these talented ladies have taken something that is a second hand piece, and turned it into something beautiful. Please take a moment to visit these ladies on their blogs as well as YouTube.

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Girls Maxi Dress Sewing Idea | Tutorial

I was so happy with how cute this dress, and denim vest turned out for Lydia. Better yet, I love the price tag of just $3.00 for a complete outfit that she can wear to town, wear to church and even chase her baby ducks in.

I truly hope that you are inspired to think about ways that you can reuse and refashion pieces for your home, and your wardrobe.

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  1. Soooo Cute???
    Sewing Skills ugh need to go back
    to Sewing 101.

    I am really more mindful of Organic
    Better quality clothing, would rather have a couple of good
    quality pieces.

    This is Awesome, love back when
    we were little kids Mom sewed all
    of our clothing, as we were uniforms to school.
    Lydia, is Precious❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Very interesting and nicely done! You have a lovely smile and should smile more often. Gotta love the ducks with your daughter! Thanks for sharing.


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