Homestead Update: The Barn and Planting Perennials

Time passes so swiftly and it is hard to believe that it has been six months since we purchased some land with this old barn. We have spent weekends and week nights working a little here and there as time has allowed. Some days it feels never ending and then I remember to take a look back at how far we have come. 

Can you believe the difference? We have had people tell us that they didn’t even know this barn was located here. We are all loving the transformation. This past week has found us very busy, working to clear more of the land. We have burnt many brush piles and have many more to go as we continue to clean up the brush and overgrown areas. Looking at the above pictures reminds me how beautiful it will all be one day and it gives me the drive to continue moving forward. 

We have cleared enough of the land in certain areas that we have decided where the small orchard will be planted. This past week we planted a peach tree and a plum tree. The plan is to plant another plum this weekend and a few apple trees. It will be nice to have our own orchard area in a few years. 

I have moved several of my shrubs over, including my Viburnums and Hydrangeas. I also moved the Lilac Bush that our church gave us after the passing of my grandmother. All the shrubs have tiny buds and I am happy to see that they are growing so well.

Most of my Hostas have appeared from a long winters sleep and they have been moved to the new location as well. Hostas are one of the easiest plants to care for, they love the shade, grow quickly and they are easy to divide. You can see more of my previous flower gardens here, here and here

Changes are happening little by little and we have big dreams for this property. We are currently working on clearing the road for our drive, so stay don’t forget to subscribe and stay up to date with all the changes. 

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4 thoughts on “Homestead Update: The Barn and Planting Perennials”

  1. Incredible, Sarah! I love that barn! So anxious to see the ongoing transformation of your property. So much work, but it’ll be so worth it.

  2. What a beautiful barn…it looks like it is full of sweet old stories from the past and just waiting to add some new sweet stories with you and yours! Blessings on you!


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