Pantry Lighting for the Kitchen

There is always some sort of project in the works at our home and this walk-in pantry project has been one that is ongoing. I first shared the beginning phase and then the reveal. Now, we have added a gorgeous light from Steel Lighting Co. 

Most of the lights in our home I purchased for just a few dollars from an old warehouse and the ones over my island were a combination of lighting from Lowes and Micheals Home Store. I try to make conscious choices about what I purchase and where I purchase items for our home. It is important for me to support small businesses and that is one of the reasons that I love the Steel Lighting Co

I love having a light in this space. It adds more lighting to our kitchen space and I love having it on at night. It adds a cozy glow to our home that just feels warm and inviting. 

Thank you for stopping by today and each day that you do! I hope that you find inspiration in what we are doing here at our home. I often get asked a lot of questions about this pantry space, so I will link those up for you.
Apron: made by me
Basket: Vintage Longaberger
Large Jars
Small Jars
Spice Jars
Label Maker
Gooseneck Light – Mine is the shortest gooseneck option with the Westchester shade
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2 thoughts on “Pantry Lighting for the Kitchen”

  1. I love your pantry!! It makes me want to tear apart my kitchen and start with a blank canvas! Haha! I’ve been stalking your site looking for your pantry labels (found that in the other pantry post- Hobby Lobby scrapbooking section for anyone else that missed that) and read that you’d updated the labels. I’m sad that the vintage vibe is now missing with these label maker labels. This is “still vintage” but a different kind of vintage. Personally I preferred the others. They went with the age and era of your cupboards. The over-all feel of the rustic-ness ( is that a word?) BUT….I was wondering how the other labels would hold up, so, I guess these plastic-y (again. Is that even a word?) labels will endure longer I’m sure, and they all match which is always a win! Love the blog! Will be checking back to see the progress you’re making! You are an inspiration to me, as I, too, live in a manufactured/mobile home. At least for now. That barn!! Oh my gosh!!! So jealous!! It’s amazing!!!!!

  2. Hello :
    Your website is such an inspiration ! TY for all the wonderful details and tips. : )

    Can you please share the dimensions of your pantry? I read on the other post that it was 9′ long but how deep is it? What is the distance btwn your shelving?
    Also, what size barn door did you use? I understand that have to have at least that much wall space for it to slide on to.

    Please continue your blog and postings!!
    LOVE your style.

    Best to you !


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