How To Dry Oranges

I like a simpler way of life and this world that I live in feels a little too fast paced for me. Several years ago the way I viewed the holidays changed and I have strived to create a much more cozy feeling for the season. One that is wrapped in traditions and celebration. So I challenged the children and myself this year to a homemade holiday.

Create a Cozy Fall Home

Slow Down. Get Cozy. Take Pleasure in the Simple Things

November. A season where the remaining leaves are golden yellow, rusty reds and the path beneath my feet feels the air with the sound of leaves crunching. Cool breezes blow across the way, morning are filled with heavy fog in the low valleys and evening sunsets come much earlier. The first glowing fire of the season has already been made in the fireplace and the wood pile has dwindled and been added to. 

Installing Hardwood Floors in a Mobile Home

There are often a lot of questions about what type of flooring you can lay in a manufactured home. Most times when a manufactured home is purchased it will have carpet and linoleum. We wanted to upgrade our home and after talking with a hardwood flooring company, we chose to go with hardwood floors. A manufactured home is assembled and brought out to a location in two separate pieces. It is then put together on site and they are also known as a double-wide or modular home.