Fall Farmhouse Tour

The voice of autumn is ringing loudly through the hills and hollers of home. The world is still filled with greens but there is the occasional yellow and rusty gold of the falling leaves. It is the undeniable beauty of September. 

How to Season Cast Iron Skillets

Cast iron skillets have long been favored with home cooks but one of the biggest reasons that people stop using cast-iron skillets is because they fail to properly season the skillet. Seasoning cast-iron is essential to the care of a cast-iron skillet. The purpose of seasoning a cast-iron skillet is to protect it from rusting and to help in the aid of proper cooking.

Farmhouse Kitchen Favorite Essentials

Ever have those days you feel like you spend most of the day in the kitchen? Cooking and cleaning are two of the most time consuming parts of my day. With a large family I work to keep a kitchen …

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