Vintage Rustic Outdoor Garden Decor

I love decorating my outside spaces as much as I do my indoor spaces. When it comes to gardening, whether it be flowers or vegetables, I enjoy adding a touch of antique, vintage, rustic charm.

Outdoor Antiques in the Garden

Not much escapes my eye in the way of old antiques. Rusty, broken down pieces always seem to find a way to into my vehicle and they end up getting brought home with me. Neighbors and friends know that I collect, repurpose and upcycle a variety of things. I keep the inside of our home minimally decorated but that isn’t always the case with the outside.

Just here recently a couple in our church was cleaning out their barn and they knew that I collected terra cotta clay pots. So, they gave me a call and invited me down to look their collection. In all honesty, I was expecting just a few clay pots but when I arrived, I realized that I was getting quite the bargain. I loaded up the backseat of our truck, thanked them for their generosity and headed to the farm.

Gardening with Antiques

Using tall pieces like ladders in the garden add a visual height interest that draws the eye upward. They are beautiful placed at the back of the garden or flower beds with flowers planted in front of them. There are a variety of things that can be done with a ladder but I love the way it looks with the clay pots sitting on the rungs.

I have loved adding vintage pieces to the garden for a long time. I wrote a post here on adding vintage junk, how to create a beautiful garden and even landscaping around our doublewide home using vintage antique pieces.

What about you? Do you enjoy adding vintage finds to your garden decor? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Rustic Outdoor Garden Decor”

  1. Looks nice! I had a ladder at one time also, but it finally deteriorated and I had to toss it. A problem with them sometimes is when a wind storm comes and knocks all of the pots/plants off the ladder!! I had to tie them down to the rungs. Your projects are really coming along. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am so glad I found your site. I was looking on Pinterest and found your blog under the "beautiful vegetable garden" heading. I really enjoy your story and ideas. Your photos are lovely. Thank you.


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