How to Make Chalk Paint

I love working with chalk paint but I don’t always enjoy the price nor do I always want to have to choose from a ready mixed color. So, with this easy DIY chalk paint recipe, you can make your own for a fraction of the price.

Why Make Your Own Chalk Paint?

There are so many varieties of chalk paint available on the market so, why should you make your own? Now I have to tell you that I have tried many different brands, but I always come back to making my own and here are a few reasons why I like to make my own.

  • I get to choose the color of my chalk paint. I currently have a favorite white color called Foggy Day by Edward Dunn that I just love to use on my pieces! So, making my own chalk paint allows me to use my favorite colors

  • Price! Making my own is so much cheaper! A box of Plaster of Paris is around $6 to $7 dollars and it will last for a very long time.

  • I can control the thickness of the paint. I have a general recipe that I follow but sometimes I decrease the water if I want a bit of a thicker paint.

Why Use Chalk Paint?

The number one reason that I love chalk paint is because I don’t have to sand my furniture pieces! That is one step in making over furniture that I don’t mind skipping. Chalk paint covers the surface well and leaves a gorgeous matte, chalk finish.

Items Needed to Make DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

Measuring Cup or Spoon
Plaster of Paris
Flat Paint – in the color of your choice

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

1 part Plaster of Paris – I use 1/3 cup
1 Part Water – I use 1/3 cup
3 Parts Paint – I use 1 cup

Directions For Making Chalk Paint

In the glass jar, mix the plaster of paris and water until is well combined. It should look very smooth and have no lumps.

Then, add in the paint and stir until very well mixed.

That’s it! You are ready to paint all of your beautiful furniture pieces!

Chalk Painted Furniture

Vintage Sewing Table Makeover

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11 thoughts on “How to Make Chalk Paint”

  1. I have been a little slow to get on the band wagon with chalk paint. I finally gave it a try and I do love it, but not the price and not the color selections, so limiting. I will definitely give this a try!!
    Chris from Texas

  2. OK – so you’re not having to prime or sand at the beginning of the project w/ chalk paint… but aren’t you buffing or something (buffing sounds like a lot of work) at the end of the painting? I didn’t see this covered here… can you elaborate on exactly how you finish a piece after the chalk painting?

    • Correct, there is no sanding at the start of the process. But to achieve that smooth matte finish from chalk paint, you do sand lightly at the end. It is very easy and not a vigorous type of sanding.

  3. Can i make chalk paint from acrylic craft paint? I have afew small projects. I want to do some stacked painted books. Like the look and I have a bunch of craft paint and the plaster.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    My name is Norma, I’m Brazilian, first of all, sorry about my english, I love to know if is possible to make my own Plaster of Paris?

    Thanks for your lovely posts.

    Norma Costa


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