Deconstructed Wing Back Chair pt. 2

Oh, what a project it was to take this chair apart and then to put it back together in a style that I loved. It was worth it! If you didn’t catch pt 1 on tearing them apart then you need to go back and view that!

What I started with was dirty and needed a desperate makeover. I got both chairs off of a local for sale site and paid $35.00 for both of them. It took almost 5 hours to tear all the fabric off plus the thousands of staples and nails. Today, was the fun part as I got to put it all back together. Let me know if you would love to see a tutorial because I have the other chair to still complete.

I am absolutely no professional and this is the first time that I have torn a chair apart to re-do it. I used one of my favorite fabrics from Robert Kaufman called Railroad Denim to cover the front part. The sides and the back were covered in a solid denim pattern.

I chose not to paint the chair. I love the way the denim and wood look together and the wood was in great condition. I did wash the wood down and apply a wax to keep it looking nice.

This just might be one of my favorite makeovers that I have ever completed. It was worth the late night and all the thousands of staples that I had to pull. Now, I have to go and finish the second one.

What do you think? Is it a project that you would tackle? I would love to hear what you think.

Since this time, the chair has seen a bit of makeover in lighter color fabrics. Here is how it looks today!

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25 thoughts on “Deconstructed Wing Back Chair pt. 2”

  1. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful!
    Love the denim and love the wood!
    So glad you didn’t paint that beautiful wood.

    Off topic… when are you moving your house to the farm?

  2. I LOVE everything about this chair! The wood, the fabric, everything! It would be amazing if you did a tutorial! Seriously, it is stunning!

  3. I have a chair that I would love to deconstruct, so a tutorial would be so helpful and appreciated. Love the look of your chair. That wood has me salivating. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Absolutely stunning. Love the bones of the chair and love the fabric you chose. All your hard work paid off.

  5. Sarah,
    What an amazing transformation. You did a wonderful job, and I just want to say, I love the revision of the lighter fabric. Great choice!!! Many years ago I took apart a very old wing back chair that was my grandmothers. Unfortunately for me, the bones of the chair were not in great condition, so I had to recover it. It was a great chair, but didn’t last in a house of 4 boys. Haha! If I ever get the opportunity, I am going to redo a chair just like this. Have a great day!

  6. I have been wanting to do this!! I just saw two almost matched wingbacks at the thrift store two days ago….my question is, do you know what brand yours are? I would hate to buy these chairs (if they’re still there) and take them apart only to discover they are basically junk plywood or some such. If I had a brand name to go off of that might help.

    • I have the same exact chair. Bought it on OfferUp in Austin, TX a couple of years ago.

      The tags said Shelby Williams Industries. Apparently they were made for the hospitality industry. Hotels, clubs, etc. So there’s a good chance there are more of them around.

      And thank you for these posts. You are not kidding about the thousands of staples. Lol


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