Creating a Unique Flower Garden Planter

I love taking an odd or unique object and turning it into something useful and beautiful. With a little bit of creativity you can turn just about anything into a planter for flowers.

I am not quite sure where this object came from and there has been some debate on what people think it is. I have heard that it looks like an old muzzle for an animal, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I looked at it and seen a flower planter.

I purchased a coco liner from the local store and cut it in half. Then I folded it so that it would fit into my vintage find. Just make sure that the coco liner overlaps in the back so that you have the back covered if your item has an open back.

I then added some soil and my plant. This is a super easy project but I love when an old item can be repurposed in a new way. I often use a variety of old objects to create unique interest in the garden. You can view more of my ideas here and here. For all garden related posts you can go here

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