Rustic Black Painted Hardwood Floors

We recently put hardwood floors in our manufactured home and after doing so, I never felt like the color flowed well with the rest of our home. I have debated for some time lately if I should paint my hardwood floors. Should I paint my hardwood floors white? Should I paint my hardwood floors black? That was the thought that went through my mind a lot as I tried to make a choice. I finally settled on black.

Simple Farmhouse Entryway

A manufactured home remodel entryway that went from ugly and outdated to simple and functional to create a simple farmhouse style entryway.

Double Wide Living Room Remodel

Hard to believe that we have lived in our manufactured home almost 4 years but we have. We have been slowly adding hardwood floors to our home as time and money allows.  I share these photos to show the current …

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Installing Hardwood Floors in a Mobile Home

There are often a lot of questions about what type of flooring you can lay in a manufactured home. Most times when a manufactured home is purchased it will have carpet and linoleum. We wanted to upgrade our home and after talking with a hardwood flooring company, we chose to go with hardwood floors. A manufactured home is assembled and brought out to a location in two separate pieces. It is then put together on site and they are also known as a double-wide or modular home.