Easy Ways To Simplify Life in the Kitchen

We are a family of six living in a very modest 1600 square foot home. When we moved into our fixer-upper three years ago, I gained the smallest kitchen I have ever had to use. It’s been a slow process to remodel and the only almost complete area is our pantry. I thrive on staying organized, living with what we need and making small space work perfectly for our family. Our kitchen is small and humble but I love working in this space and creating delicious meals for our family.

Join me today as I share some of my favorite tips for keeping our small kitchen space organized and how that helps to simplify life in the kitchen. 

Pantry Organization

Do you love a well organized space to work in the kitchen? Life is often hectic enough and the last thing I need to face when cooking a meal is searching through all the cabinets and bags looking for what I need. I recently shared our new kitchen pantry here and thought I would answer some of the most common questions I get about this space. 

How to Season Cast Iron Skillets

Cast iron skillets have long been favored with home cooks but one of the biggest reasons that people stop using cast-iron skillets is because they fail to properly season the skillet. Seasoning cast-iron is essential to the care of a cast-iron skillet. The purpose of seasoning a cast-iron skillet is to protect it from rusting and to help in the aid of proper cooking.