How to Plant, Grow and Care for Zinnia Flowers

Are you looking for a great cut and come again flower for you cut flower gardens? Start with Zinnias. Zinnias are one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed, they grow quickly and bloom for long periods of time. And, as an added bonus the butterflies love them!

Creating a Unique Flower Garden Planter

I love taking an odd or unique object and turning it into something useful and beautiful. With a little bit of creativity you can turn just about anything into a planter for flowers. 

Planting Gladiolus Corms

One of my favorite sites to see is the beautiful butterflies that gracefully flutter through the air, fluttering from flower to flower in my garden. One of my hopes this year was to create a small haven that would encourage the butterflies to visit our area more often and to plant several variety of herbs that they love to use as host plants.

Captured No. 1

Several years ago, I developed a real interest in photography. My main subjects were the children and as time went on, my love for photography faded. Life became busy and I found that I didn’t take the time to practice. In recent months, I have once again, found my love for photography. Especially in the simple, everyday moments of life. 

So, I am starting a new series on the blog called Captured, simple images from my week. I hope you enjoy the beautiful things of life.